When cards don’t answer your question?

You are in desperate need of some cartomancy advice and the cards just won’t cooperate. What do you do when the cards do not answer your question even when you have concentrated? Sure you can reshuffle and reword the question. 

Well, maybe you are not suppose get advice from the cards. Many Cartomancers believe that the cards tell you what you are supposed to know which is not necessarily what you are asking.  Sometimes those hard thought out questions are too forceful.

You cannot demand answers from the cards! 

What you can do …  is ask nicely.  


Seriously though, ask yourself why you need an answer.  Then ask yourself even if the cards gave you enough information would it make a difference.  Would you change anything?

The cards are a TOOL! When the tools of your trade don’t cooperate you either replace them or you just can’t do your job properly. The same is true for the person using the tools. If the tools are good and the operator of the tools is not focused … mistakes can happen.  The last thing you want to do is give your client false hope or upset them needlessly. 

When this happens and you are reading for someone else do you fumble? Do you tell them the cards won’t tell you?  In this case, you could grab another deck and proceed again. (I do this often) If the same thing happens it’s time to reschedule the reading. The energy is not flowing easily between the operator and the tools.


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