Gipsy cards trio accurately reveals relationship situation.

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer so far. Keep safe during your travels.

Today’s post is a small 3 card layout using the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten cards (Ciganske karte).  I did not assign any meaning to the 3 positions to see which cards fell in the spots and take it from there.  

I did have a person in mind when I selected the cards and I was impressed that the cards reflected that person’s current situation. I can tell you this layout is for a Female S. who is in the process of a possible relationship separation. She has been going back and forth trying to decide if separation is necessary or if she could work it out with the Male T. involved.



It captures the true essence  of Female S’ relationship situation. When you look closely at the image you can see that she is looking out of the window at the world at large. It looks like she is wondering if things will be better if she left.  She has completely turned her back on the situation at hand.  The lady in the image is well dressed with a long gown. This depicts the hidden aspects of her life she is not totally revealing to herself.


The second card is another card depicting pondering.  We can go so far as to say she is thinking about some recent news or information. It could be a letter, text, email or actual document.  In the image the man is in a thinking pose.  It’s a card of waiting.  The Thought card could represent Male T.  If you notice he is outdoors. This means he is not totally involved in the inner workings of the relationship. He has already reviewed his options if they separate.


This last card looks pretty freaky.  It oozes of negativity and a probable ending of the way the relationship is now.  Will they break up?  They won’t continue they way they are right now.  I have always read the Death card to mean major transformation with the hope of renewal.  The only way a renewal can occur is if great changes are made.

At this point in the analysis I could draw a clarification card to get additional information on the Death card.


Have you ever wished you didn’t draw a clarification card after you saw what it was?  The Thief card strongly suggests someone will get ripped off in this situation.  This doesn’t necessarily mean actual theft but theft comes in many different forms.  The theft of a lifestyle is possible if she stays or goes.

This type of reading needs to be handled delicately. Choose your words carefully when relaying the information that the cards are revealing. The future is fluid.

For the most part cards reflect probabilities with the exception of what is in God’s plan.

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