32. Moon card

The Lenormand Moon.

Click on image to go to Piatnik’s website for more information.

Often when reading the Lenormand cards the question of time comes up for discussion. There are some common knowledge associations for time frames which many Cartomancers use in their Lenormand readings. 

I have always used 29-30 days. To be a bit more dramatic I say before the next full moon cycle when asked a question about time during  a reading. BTW in August we will have a Blue Moon on Aug 31st in most parts of the world. What is more spectacular in 2018 we have 2 Blue Moons, one in January and one in March. 

I find the Moon card quite interesting to study. I have to put the Tarot Moon’s imagery and meaning aside which is at times difficult as it is permanently etched in my brain  🙂  but there are some similarities though.

The Lenormand Moon card is all about intuition and being sensitive to energy.  Many of the Lenormand Moon cards are surrounded by heavy clouds like in the image above, however, the foreground can be easily seen. To many people intuition is considered a dark place to explore because you never really know if it’s just your imagination. Without getting into depth psychology I think the imagination is a place where intuition resides as well. So, then who or what decides the difference?

I do think that the Moon card will cast a shadow on the card beside it. This is not always a bad thing because if we ever saw the reality of all situations we would surely run down the street screaming. The Moon card is like wearing rose-colored glasses. You can see the situation but you don’t see the intricate details of the situation. Some people see this as a person living in their imagination. I have some of my best times with the imagination. You need to know when to take off those rose-colored glasses every now and then.

I don’t know about you but when I see the Moon card I really have to stop and study it in conjunction with the other cards. I’d rather not just use the meanings of intuition or imagination. I like to ask myself if the Moon card relates to time, a person or an influence.

Get to know the Moon card and decide how to approach the discoveries of the Moon card meanings.

4 thoughts on “32. Moon card

  1. I use the Piatmik deck; it’s beautiful, & The moon is one of my favorite cards. It can also speak of infatuation or falling in love (depending on the surrounding cards I guess), right?

  2. Hi. Thanks for your comment and insights about the Moon card. I didn’t think of infatuation but that would be in keeping with the “imagination” part of the meaning. Thanks for your contributions to the FB page. Seaqueen

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