Lenormand combo Mountain & Ship cards

I am nearing completion of the limited printing edition of the Lenormand handbook which should be available a few weeks later than anticipated. I am going to avoid giving a date because personal life paths don’t always comply with dates.   🙂  Here’s hoping end of June (fingers crossed). This handbook is part of the Seaqueen’s Cartomancy handbooks series which will include the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten, Tarot, Naipes,  Art deco fortune-telling cards and playing cards…..maybe more

Today’s post is about the Lenormand combination of MOUNTAIN  & SHIP cards. I thought it would be interesting to ask a specific question about the Lenormand handbook.

“Will the Lenormand handbook be completed & printed end of June/12?”

MOUNTAIN          &              SHIP

The first card I drew doesn’t surprise me.   The Mountain card details some of the challenges which were on my path to completion such as scanning, cropping and sizing of all the cards.  When electronics don’t cooperate all you can do is keep trying until it gets done.  Oh and always save your files and remember which folder you saved them in, lol.  The huge mountain is not unsurpassable. There are roads and pathways around it as there are solutions to blockages you may confront with your own situations and questions.  If you just stand there in awe of this majestic beauty ahead and get intimidated you will never get to the other side.

The question you should ask yourself is, “What lies behind the Mountain?”  Was it worth the time and effort.  In my case I believe it is because I am doing what I love, writing  my perception about Cartomancy.

I was happy to see the partner card Ship. This card tells me what lies behind my mountain and it looks like there could be some travel involved. The feeling I get from the Ship cards as well is that I will not encounter too many more diversions other than my own passions/emotions (see following paragraph).

In the image of the  1941 Mlle Lenormand Cartomancy deck (purchase HERE) the waters look rather choppy.  Could this be from the speed of the ship or are the winds acting up? Our emotions are fluid like the waters. It takes a strong ship (LONGING – the want of something very much) to ride those waves.  

The Ship card is also about commerce – buying, selling or even trading.

From this duo I see that this project will likely be completed by the end of June. If these two cards were in reverse such as the Mountain card following the Ship card the interpretation would be less favourable. In that instance I would have drawn a 3rd card for clarification. This is always a good thing to do when you are asking yourself “why?”. 

One thought on “Lenormand combo Mountain & Ship cards

  1. Madam Seaqueen, how exciting to hear of your publication(s)!!! How may those interested purchase?

    Love & Blessings,

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