Lenormand FOX

The beautiful fox featured in the Lenormand image belongs to the Jeu de Destin cartomancy deck which can be purchased at Piatnik. The red fox is traveling through the snowy ground. There is a bright yellow sun in the background. All of the images of the fox illustrated in other Lenormand decks will differ from this one, however, a fox is a fox.   The creature is staring directly at you as it heads to the right of the card. Fox is not intimidated by your presence.  

Are you a little apprehensive seeing the fox on your path?

Some of the common suggested associations of the Fox card are as follows:

I think one needs to look at the Fox card with respect especially if it couples with a person card. This person would not be someone you would want to engage in mind games. You could be in for a surprise.  Even though a person or situation is thought to be sly there is an undercurrent of intelligence enabling the slyness. Many Lenormand Readers use this card to mean “wrong diagnosis”. This can a be a good thing if the initial diagnosis is negative and it turns out to be positive. 
One thing you should consider that whatever news or person the Fox card brings you would do well to receive this data/person with a non-judgemental attitude. Don’t accept all as a fact until all the other aspects are carefully scrutinized. There could be a misleading influence which may not benefit you.  
Consider the saying, “it takes one to know one”.

One thought on “Lenormand FOX

  1. Hello Seaqueen,
    I really love your take on the Fox card. The idea of not judging the Fox hasn’t entered into some of the conversations I’ve had pertaining to it. But it makes perfect sense…especially when you add the phrase “It takes one to know one.” It seems there is something of a reflective quality here that you suggest, which adds a great deal of insight for me about this card.

    Thanks so much!
    Love your blog, BTW.

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