What’s happening to the Lenormand cards?

In my research, I’ve noticed new Lenormand cards are popping up with more frequency. This deck is fairly easy to replicate with one’s own artwork or commissioned drawings. The core meanings are simple to comprehend.

Reading the Lenormand is another story 🙂

We all know the key words and key phrases of the 36 Lenormand cards. Don’t be afraid to go off on your own journey with the Lenormand cards by allowing room for additional meanings. Explore.

The images depicted in the Lenormand cards have multiple meanings. Go with your first impression. Try to join one card to another. If it gets confusing using more than 3 cards then stop and find another topic or theme within the layout (assuming you are using more than 3 cards).

I love traditional fortune-telling cards. I’m Slovenian it’s in my bloodline.


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