question about the Heart Layout (Lenormand cards)

Hi there, I have a question about the Heart Layout. What does it mean when you get “The Book” card for No.5-Outcome. The other cards are “the bear” over the lady’s card, “the tree” below. “The house” over the gentlemen’s card, and “the paths” below. I am a beginner and have difficulties interpreting the cards. The spread is for a female, a friend of mine:). Thanks in advance!



In a previous post when I introduced this layout position #1 stated “on his mind” because the reading was for a male. In this example from the comments section the layout involves a female thus the change to “on her mind” in the first column. I don’t have much background information about the Lady in question so I will go ahead and briefly summarize just the cards.

I am using the Mlle Lenormand Cartomancy deck 19115 which can be purchased from PIATNIK.


The Lady is thinking about someone who has a powerful influence in her life. It appears her thoughts are very strong about a certain male. Traditionally, the Bear card represents an older man and many times this card suggest money issues.


Coupled with the Bear card I have to wonder if there is an issue involving a male’s general well-being. Often the Tree card brings to surface minor setbacks.  Since this layout deals with relationships I want to read the Tree card as other people’s involvement in this situation which could be temporarily hindering the Lady’s progress.


The Gentleman in question is thinking about his family or things pertaining to his home. When the House card is coupled with the Gentleman the suggestion is close bonds to family members.


Perhaps the Gentleman is involved in a decision involving a member of his family or someone close to him. He is facing a choice. I do see a decision coming because as you can see with the Outcome card the Book will reveal something more about the entire situation.


When you get the Book as an outcome card  especially if the open side of the book faces one of the significator cards such as Gentleman or Lady there will be a resolution soon.

Studying the cards in the layout and keeping in mind the Lady is probably wondering about the future of a relationship with the Gentleman she will gain knowledge within a short time.  There are no detrimental cards in this layout. I think there are extenuating factors involved which would affect “this relationship” and  I do see these factors as an integral part of the Gentleman’s life.

The Book faces away from the Lady. I want to read this combination to mean that she will be of great assistance to the Gentleman in his process of decision making.  The reason I am reading the Book in this manner is because this card joins the Lady and Gentleman. Looking at this trio & keeping in mind there are no negative cards the analysis leans towards a more positive outcome.

2 thoughts on “question about the Heart Layout (Lenormand cards)

  1. Hi, how did you do this layout? Did you lay the significators first and then the one above her and the one below her next, and then above and then below him, and the final card in the middle?

    Thank you

  2. can you explain what each positoin of the placements of heart relationship mean? so what he/she is ‘thinking’- and what he/she ‘faces’.? what is the differnece of the word ‘thinking’ and ‘facing’ in the heart spread? i think you explained this somewhere on your blog but i cant recall ..thanks

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