Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten Misfortune

The image of the Ziguener Misfortune card depicts a lady and babe in distress. Two firemen are approaching what appears to be a burning and smoke-filled building. There are 2 things you can see in this image. The victims and the helpers.

When reading Misfortune in a layout you will need to determine if the situation can be saved in some way. Is there a person who is in dire need of help?  I do see this card as a warning of a pending disastrous situation but within this card there is also an available solution.

Unforeseen events occur all the time. Life is a tapestry of events. The lady and babe are in an open doorway which at first glance looks only like a window. She is not far from the 2 firemen and will narrowly escape potential danger.

The Misfortune card can mean some “bad luck” as Eastern Europeans would tell you. But most of us know that everything is based on how we react or approach a situation. It is difficult to stay calm when such catastrophes happen in our lives. Some people are laid back and some people adopt a jumping bean personality.

When Misfortune is coupled with the Journey card it is wise to take extra precaution when travelling. Avoid travelling to unsafe areas. Double check your vehicle to make sure everyone is working properly. And whatever you do don’t drive while being intoxicated or under the influence of other substances. If you do see Misfortune and Journey together in your near future don’t be alarmed but be forewarned that there could be a situation which could delay your plans.

When Misfortune is next to Fortune it appears to be a contradiction in influence. It isn’t. You may acquire some abundance but someone will pay a “price” for it. My parents both died within 4 months of each other and within that same year I became a grandmother to Connor and the following year to Katja.

There is a saying, “someone’s loss is another’s gain” and I think this saying wraps it up in a nutshell for the Misfortune & Fortune combination. Maybe you have a different perception … which is different. There are no wrong ways to interpret Gypsy cards. Ask any gypsy if you dare, lol.

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