Tea Leaf reading cards

The tea leaf reading workshop was fun. The instructor was 3rd generation reader and taught the traditional techniques as well as her family’s method. My girlfriend was intrigued and for me it was mainly a review.

I prefer to read the tea leaves much like coffee grounds. What is on the rim is immediate and as you go deeper into the cup (bottom) will be the distant future. The only thing you really can’t do is the thumb print wish on the bottom of the cup filled with tea leaves (too messy).

My girlfriend and I played with Rae Hepburn’s tea leaf reading cards into the wee hours of the morning.  There are 200 cards of which 6 are Astral cards depicting a particular theme of life you are wondering about. There are 12 astrological cards which are used in the horoscope reading.  Then 4 additional cards are placed in each zodiac house. Our  horoscope wheel reading took almost 3 hours to interpret since we had to look up the meanings in the book. I also dated and recorded my girlfriend’s reading. We were like a bunch of little girls giggling at the predictions.

The book includes a weekly spread of 7 cards. The horoscope layout mentioned above and the Pyramid layout which uses the Astral card plus 9 cards. The time frame for the latter layout is about 4 months.

You don’t need to memorize the tea leaf cards because there is a sentence on them to give you a clue about the meaning of the card. The book expands the meaning a little more.

I must give credit to the instructor when she told me I would get unexpected company with 2 days. We had an unexpected visitor the very next day.

The Tea Leaf Reading cards would be a fun entertainment when you get together with your friends.

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