Tasseomancy: tea leaf and/or coffee grounds reading

When I think back to my teenage years (many moons ago, lol) I think my very first exposure to fortune-telling began one summer while I was in high school. My family went on a vacation to Slovenia (former Yugoslavia) and my aunt read my coffee grounds first following by the gypsy fortune-telling cards (Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten). The deck could have been Lenormand as well because I remember seeing the Rider card. My aunt told me when I went back on the long distance trip a young man was waiting for me. This turned out to be my kid’s father. But then again it could have been the Lover card in the Zigeuner deck. 

I saw symbols even before that European vacation. Of course, I didn’t talk about that subject much. I thought everyone saw what I saw and felt what I felt.  I do think my clairaudience started right around that time. You know, that voice which speaks softly to you when you want to listen to it. This voice is different from you Ego driven voice.

This is the same aunt mentioned above sent me the gypsy cards/book in the early 70’s. I almost forgot that there is a section for coffee grounds reading in this 100 year old book which is written in Slovenian. My mom used this same book often for dream interpretation as there was a chapter on that, too. I did find out another Slovenian relative was a channel & was feared in that tiny village where I was born nestled in the Julian Alps. I suppose most people in that part of Europe (Austro-Hungarian empire) were involved in some form of fortune-telling. 

I recently ordered Rae Hepburn’s Tea Leaf Reading Cards. I am looking forward to playing with them. I watched Rae’s video on YouTube (kudos to Spiritsong for the link) & I hope Rae offers more tutorials on her marvellous creation.

Tonight I am engaging in a private tea leaf reading workshop. I am always open and respectful of other people who practice similar hobbies.  I’ll write a short summary on this workshop later.

3 thoughts on “Tasseomancy: tea leaf and/or coffee grounds reading

  1. Isn’t that amazing how Spirit, seemingly innocently, takes us by the hand leading us into these early experience that set the purpose of our whole life? And then 20, 30, 40 years down the line we continue discovering pointers to a time and place along the memory lane that initiated us into who we are today.

    Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Amazing! Please tell the name of this book for coffee readings and gypsy cards! I have been reading coffee grinds for awhile for fun with my friends and am trying to get better – I just use my intuition, but would love some guidance! I am Slovenian too, so this is fabulous!!!! 🙂

    • Hi Ana: The Slovenian book was sent to me by my aunt in the early 1980’s. The cover is missing from so much use over the years. I am not quite sure about the name. I am fascinated by coffee grounds reading & had mine done in Slovenia by a local gypsy woman (who happened to be a relative of mine, lol). Which deck of gypsy cards do you have? I am writing a tutorial book for the Zigeuner which should be available in July. I love gypsy cards! All the best. Seaqueen.

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