April 15: Happy Birthday to my Father

Dear Dad:

I want to wish you a happy birthday even though you have left this Earthly plane. Can you feel the kisses and hugs I am sending your way? Of course you do. I can feel you embracing me in return telling me everything will be ok and that I must go on as the Matriarch of the family.

I remember the fun times we had on your birthday when mom used to sing to you. Mom used to play the Birthday messages left on the answering machine over and over all day. Many times we were lucky to be together as a family as your birthday fell on Easter weekend.

I know I shouldn’t cry while writing this post but I still feel an enormous hole in my heart because you were such a strong influence in my life. I could always count on you. You never let me down. You always listened to my crazy ideas since I was a teenager.

I am so fortunate to have heard you say that you love me in the last days of your life. You told me that you didn’t say it enough during my life. Thee fact you said it when you did makes up for all the times I knew you felt it but couldn’t say it.

Luv you Dad. Rest in Peace with Mom.

One thought on “April 15: Happy Birthday to my Father

  1. Happy Birthday to your dearly departed Dad, the hole may never heal but that is our way of never letting go.
    Love and light to you my dear friend xoxoxo

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