Gipsy Lover

The Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten Lover card is quite interesting to interpret.  If you look closely at the jacket this man is wearing you will see a difference from one side to the other. Glove on one hand none on the other.

A Man? A Lover?

When the Lover falls in a future spot in the layout and you are a female receiving a card reading he could be a potential love interest. If you are in a situation whereby you are experiencing a famine in your love department he’s just the guy to spice things up.  🙂

Always check to see what cards are near him. Be aware if Jealousy is nearby because he could have a deranged girlfriend you don’t know about. Most of the time he represents your significant other, someone you are in a relationship with at the present time.

It’s not hard to find out what is on the Lover’s mind or what situation is around him because he will always be in your layout when you do a full board layout using the 36 cards. When doing a shorter layout and he shows up there will be some significance to your connection. Perhaps an argument (Anger), visiting some friends (Visit), going on a trip (Journey), or finding out he is cheating on you (Infidelity).

Many traditional card Readers don’t believe in Reading someone’s future unless they have consent from the person. With the Lenormand cards as well as the Zigeuner (and several other Sibille style decks) how can we not see what the other people are doing if they are in our layout, lol.

At the same token you can discover what is really bothering you as well by meditating on the cards surrounding the Sweetheart (female getting the Reading). The cards which come between you and the Lover card are very important. Are they low energy or positive? Do you foresee a problem in the near future or will you skip down the yellow brick road for the next few months?

I think it can be quite helpful to study the cards around the Lover in the event there is a cooling period in your relationship. Maybe it has nothing to do with you. There might be other situations weighing down your Lover-Man. It’s not always another woman….could be a man.

We woman have a very direct image within the Sweetheart. There is no indication of the many different roles we play in men’s lives. The Lover card will be the plain ol’ guy you sit on the couch with on a Saturday night or the guy with the 6 pack chest twirling you around on the dance floor.    Luv this card!

Did I mention if you are a male the Lover will represent you in a layout? You can do the same thing and look for the Sweetheart to gain more information about your special lady or potential future lover……


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