Zigeuner Fidelity = Lenormand Dog

FIDELITY = Loyal person or situation. Trusting friend. A volunteer.  DOG = Reliability. You can count on this situation or person that is depicted in surrounding cards. This card suggests a deep bond of friendship.  Often a pet.



The dog is known as “wo/man’s best friend.  If you have a dog as a pet you will understand the loyalty represented by this card.

All the images shown depict feelings of trust. The saying, “through thick and thin” comes to mind.

I always look forward to seeing these cards in a layout surrounded by other more promising cards.  When cards of a negative connotation are nearby there is a strong suggestion a friendship or situation has soured to some degree. Often we can discover problems around a friend which could help explain why they are acting out of character.

Study the block of cards around Fidelity or the Dog to gain more knowledge of the person or situation.

The Fidelity and Dog cards give such a profound feeling of faithfulness. The true essence of devotion is sacred. 

Meditate on these cards to understand loyalty. Perhaps you are experiencing a tinge of misplaced trust. Ask yourself if you are having thoughts of mistrust about another individual. Most of you will know that we attract individuals or situations into our lives which reflect aspects of our own thoughts energy. Maybe you need to restore your own faith in yourself.

Fidelity / Dog  =  You can count on me!

One thought on “Zigeuner Fidelity = Lenormand Dog

  1. Hello Jozefa,
    I want to thank you for posting this. I’ve been studying Lenormand and noticed that it appeared to represent “loyalty and devotion” as both a personality trait and friends, as well as a dog. (That gets confusing:):) LOL! I read for a friend and asked if her ex had a devoted partner, but she said “No- that’s a dog.”) In the beginning I thought that the Ring symbolized this. It does NOT! Tricky, tricky.

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