Heart Layout: conclusion interpretation

The conclusion of the Heart Layout interpretation is as follows:

33 Key

4. What she faces 

The Key card contains promising energy for all questions. This card tells you there is a solution to almost any dilemma or situation requiring further decisions. The image shows the waxing and waning moon with the key in the center. Well, that is the way I want to read the image. To me this indicates cycles of the moon as there is cycles in any problem or question. A time when the situation seems to be full blown and a time where less energy is consumed to think about it.

The lady in the Reading is taking a wait and see approach perhaps letting the situation solve itself which many times it does. Sometimes doing nothing at all is doing something.

5. OUTCOME:  The Rider card joins the Gentleman and Lady but does not provide a definite answer about this relationship. In this image we find the knight of cups holding what could be the Caduceus which is a symbol of medicine. Medicine often signifies the opportunity for healing. The cups knight does represent positive energy as well in romantic situation.

Is there a chance for the relationship to continue on some level?

Taking all the cards into consideration especially the final card, The Rider, I feel that the relationship is not completely over despite the distancing between these 2 people.

In fact, The Rider will bring the Gentleman closer to the Lady whether in miles or on an emotional level. Also, the Key card brings more of a favourable contribution.

4 thoughts on “Heart Layout: conclusion interpretation

  1. Hi there,

    I have a question about the Heart Layout. What does it mean when you get “The Book” card for No.5-Outcome. The other cards are “the bear” over the lady’s card, “the tree” below. “The house” over the gentlemen’s card, and “the paths” below. I am a beginner and have difficulties interpreting the cards. The spread is for a female, a friend of mine:). Thanks in advance!

  2. Hi madame Seaqueen,

    Just so you know, I’ve put another card over the No.5 (the book) to help me read it , and it was “the dog” card…..thanks again…looking forward for your interpretation…


    • Hi Masha,
      Yes, that was a good idea to use a clarification card. The Dog card covering the Book card does show a bond (friendship) partly because the other cards are not considered negative in interpretation. Another level of the Dog card could be a friend assisting (as in a third person) in this situation. It’ll be interesting to see what unfolds. Seaqueen

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