Heart Layout: Lady column

I am always happy to receive comments  about cards/layouts which I write about. Many times I include other people’s insights for sharing of perspectives.

Michele was kind enough to share her insights on a situation between the Gentleman and Lady in the Heart Layout started in the previous post. Thank you Michele.

Michele writes the following:

“I think the lady is facing a situation where she thinks about a successful new start (Stars), and that new start is supported by Spirit (Key). It is like she’s driven by her life/soul path )Stars above her, guiding her, Key below her, pushing her to travel). Either the man will travel to join her, or she has already met someone new. Here is where it helps to have the client around to ask.”


Position 2: ON HER MIND

It looks like the Lady definitely has clarity of her goals.

Lady Column: Heart Layout

I love the “hidden” sea nymphs (angels)  in the Pixie’s Astounding Lenormand Stars card. There is a feeling of profound subconscious guidance within this lovely image.  The Lady in question is following her “star” at the current time.  Often when we analyze the Lady and Gentleman we study which way they are facing.  You will have to use your intuition on this method because in many decks the Lady always faces to the right and has her back on the cards behind her in the past. This does not mean she is always turning her back on those situations. It means that her focus is more on the future rather than the past.

Another meaning of the Stars card is “success”. The Lady is convinced her decision to relocate and accept a new job opportunity is in her best interest..

Next post: the Key card which falls beneath the Lady followed by the outcome card the Rider. 

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