Heart Layout: the gentleman column

In continuation of the last post featuring the Heart Layout using the Pixie’s Astounding Mlle Lenormand cards I will offer some possible suggestions for your consideration.

Background on the Couple: There was a recent separation between these 2 people and the lady has many thousands of miles away to pursue a work opportunity.

1. On his Mind


Position 1:  On his Mind

The Anchor card suggests security situations.  The Gentleman is thinking about what is  stable in his life. This card is often used to indicate work. Since I am asking about the relationship the meaning of the Anchor card will take on a slightly different. I want to read the Anchor as a card of perhaps being stuck in a certain emotional state.

In the background of this card you can see a ship on the water resembling part of the scene in the 3 of Wands. After further study of the positioning of the actual anchor it seems to me the Gentleman may be more grounded in his thoughts. Sometimes you can get stuck if you are too grounded.

22.  PATH:

Position 3:  What he faces

The Path card is fairly clear in it’s interpretation.  What will the Gentleman do? Will he make decisions in his life because of this separation from the Lady?  Is it time for a change of direction anyways?

Within this card I am reminded of the background of the Tarot Moon card.  Some uncertainty in the moonlight path leading to the mountains. There is always some doubts in decisions.

The Gentleman has options. There could be a difficult choice awaiting him. It’s always a good idea to consider card 5 in the center to evaluate whether or not position 3 reveals positive or negative approach to future circumstances. The Rider is the transporter of this decision & will bring it to the Lady.

In the next post we will see what’s on the Lady’s mind about the relationship and what she faces as well. Finally, in the last card which joins them we will see the Outcome.

4 thoughts on “Heart Layout: the gentleman column

  1. I think the lady is facing a situation where she thinks about a successful new start (Stars), and that new start is supported by Spirit (Key). It is like she’s driven by her life/soul path )Stars above her, guiding her, Key below her, pushing her to travel).

    Either the man will travel to join her, or she has already met someone new. Here is where it helps to have the client around to ask.

    • Hi Michele,
      Thank you for your comment. Your insightful interpretation is greatly appreciated & I think I will include it in my next post. It’s always good to get feedback on the cards. Thanks again. Seaqueen.

  2. I was very glad to see your blog. I am an enthusiast but not a master:)
    What do you think of the Cross in the house of the Coffin in the Great Spread?

  3. Hi Madame Seaqueen!
    I’m an Italian girl. Today I bought a Petit Lenormand deck and I was looking some information about it when I found your blog!
    In Italy there is a lack of information about this deck and I’m a little bit confused about how to use it!
    Which kind of layout do you use?
    Do you use the interpretation written on the cards?
    Where can I find more infromation?
    Your blog is great!
    Thank you so much!

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