The Heart Layout for relationship questions

I get questions quite often about relationships so I decided to create a very simple layout using only 5 cards plus the Lady and Gentleman cards. When you look at the layout in the image you can see an “H” which stands for Heart thus the name Heart Layout.

The image below features Pixie’s Astounding Mlle Lenormand cards. 

Heart Layout


1. Remove the Lady and Gentleman cards from the deck prior to shuffling. Place them on the table so that there is room for one card between them. 

2. Shuffle the cards thoroughly thinking about your relationship and the person who you are involved with perhaps what’s they are thinking, etc. Maybe you don’t even know yourself what you really are feeling. The cards may reveal additional information you hadn’t expected.

3. Cut the deck as many times as you feel necessary and proceed laying the cards according to the image.

4. Place card 1 above the Gentleman, card 2 above the Lady, card 3 beneath the Gentleman, card 4 beneath the Lady and card 5 between the Lady and Gentleman.  

I chose to place the Gentleman in the left column because I am asking a question about the future of his relationship. If you are a female and asking for yourself you would place the Lady in this spot and the Gentleman in the last column. 

After you have completed placing the cards in the Heart Layout study them before jumping in with interpretations. Do each column of the “H” separately.  Study card 5 Outcome. Do you see any challenging cards? Does the layout look promising?

I will interpret this layout in the next post because I want to expand on Edmund’s cards a little further. Each position will be explained plus some of the key meanings for the cards situated in these positions.  

3 thoughts on “The Heart Layout for relationship questions

  1. hi i did the heart spread ‘what now and coming up re: me and him?” this is what came up.. the man is betwen card clouds and tower . card 1 -clouds card 2 boquet card 3 tower- card 4 child and card 5 ring. the female looks postivie he seems unsuire but the ring in the middle has me confused -is there positive future despite his concerns? and could you expand on tower and clouds ? thanks

    • Hi Kelly:
      Thanks for your comment. I will do a tutorial interpretation and post it on my blog within the next day or so. This way other people learn as well. The post will be “Heart Layout for Kelly”. Stay tuned. Seaqueen

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