Jan. 22/12. The 3 Card Answer Layout – Pages of Shustah

Happy 2012 – listen to the teachings of the Tarot Hierophant

The 3 card Answer Layout easy to use with any deck of cards. 

I decided to use the Pages of Shustah© cards to demonstrate the Answer layout.  

The question is about the future of a potential  relationship with a certain gentleman for female K. 

The overview of the 3 positions and brief meanings of the cards appear before my actual interpretation of the cards in these positions.  The image below is self-explanatory.

future of relationship question

Card 1:  Past

An influence or person is about to leave the current scenario. It could be an experience, which is just passing that makes way for something new that is about to enter your life.

GREEN: Lord of Contemplation – energy of this card is one of progress. A card of deep thought & focus.

INTERPRETATION:  The Lord of Contemplation clearly represents female K has been thinking about a certain male in the recent past.  The energy of this card is not stagnating as it is followed by another green card in the Now position.

Card 2:  Now

Describes what is going on currently. Here you can find out if the person is dealing with challenges or good influences from another person or situation. Often personal thoughts and feelings are revealed.

GREEN: The Candle – energy of this card is one of progress. A card of shedding light on a situation.

INTERPRETATION: Female K hasn’t given up on the potential of this relationship. This card reminds me of the olden days when candles were lit and placed in a window as symbolism of loyalty to the object of love. The light of the candle burned for that special person to help guide their way back home.

There are no cards in this layout to indicate the “light” has gone out on the hope of a relationship. Even though the last card is Black it does not possess the energy often associated with darkness.

Card 3:  Answer

This card describes the answer to your question.

BLACK: Astrological sign of Virgo – energy of this card is one of timing. A card ruling 6th house associations.

INTERPRETATION: It appears the answer about the relationship lies in Mercury ruled Virgo. The two preceding Green cards indicates development.  In Astrology the sign Virgo rules house 6 representing work and well-being.

Astrological signs/planets differ in interpretation.  The multi-level meanings go hand in hand. The time frame for the potential of a relationship will fall during the Virgo sometime during mid summer 2012. The feeling I get from the last card is that “work” delays a quick development, however, Virgos are known to be slow & methodical in their approach to most things.

I would encourage female K. to keep the “Light” burning as depicted in the 2nd card, the Candle. Also, it is important to continue keeping the lines of communication open and flexible in regards to further progress in a future relationship. Mercury rules communication.

TIP: In general, when you read cards it is important not to use a mesh of meanings for the same card or you will get a vague outcome. Could be this….could be that…. is not very comforting to the person seeking your Card Reading expertise. If you don’t know just say so.  Know your cards really well!

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