Trigger Layout interpretation


Lady SD accepted the job offer and is moving several thousands of miles from where she lives now. She is leaving behind her the constancy of a relationship/home environment. Time will tell if Lady SD will experience the dark side of the CLOUDS.



Here’s a smaller pic of the Trigger Layout for the purpose of the Magisches Lenormand interpretation to follow.

Lady SD is in the You spot of the Trigger Layout because we are asking about her question. Any card can be selected in the You spot in this particular layout. Actually, you can do a random reading and not select any card for the You spot to see which card sits there. This will give you a clue to what you perhaps should be addressing. Also the time frame of the Immediate & Soon columns can be predetermined prior to interpretation as I have done.

I scan the Trigger Row (see image) to see which are the most significant cards. Lady SD’s trigger row holds BEAR behind her (past), MOUSE ahead (immediate spot 1-2 weeks) and BIRDS/OWLS as the last card (soon spot 6-8 weeks).   

BEAR points to strength of her character to pursue what is important to her career wise. BEAR can also represent a money matter which is one of the traditional meanings of this card.

MOUSE suggests some losses awaiting her. At this point we have not clearly established what MOUSE’s influence will be but remember that Lenormand cards are read as a sentence. BEAR started this row & it does indicate a money matter.

The Trigger Row end in the BIRDS/OWLS card.  How will Lady SD handle the losses suggested by MOUSE? The final card shows worries and anxiety because of the potential losses. These losses may or may not be financial. You’d have to study the 1st column (past) to determine what is the trade off.

Let’s look at column 1, the past. Here we see STARS, BEAR, HOUSE. Lady SD has some stability around here depicted by BEAR + HOUSE. On top of that the SUN card is right next to HOUSE. No doubt there is a grounding in her environment which is also very supportive (STARS).

Let’s look at column 2, the now.  TOWER is above Lady SD. This position will reveal what’s on the person’s mind.  Traditionally, TOWER suggests separation between 2 people. TOWER is a challenging card. It speaks of loneliness as well.  Perhaps she feels alone in this decision about the job opportunity. No one can tell her what to decide. She has to choose. At the same time she will have to give something up (MOUSE).

The SUN card is beneath Lady SD showing her optimistic attitude that everything will work out.  These appear to be her thoughts at the present time.

Within 1-2 weeks give or take Lady SD will experience the COFFIN influence which strongly suggests the ending of “something” connected to the question.  “Something” does end and through this ending a change occurs which is represented by the STORK (final card in column 4 representing the soon spot 6-8 weeks).

There are 2 ways to look at this. Lady SD can decide not to accept the job opportunity thus experiencing the ending depicted by COFFIN. Lady SD can decide to take the job and experience COFFIN as well suggesting the ending of her current stable environment (BEAR + HOUSE).

3rd Column covering the next few weeks: CLOVER, MOUSE and COFFIN.  We know CLOVER is something happening fast or for a short time.  CLOVER is coupled with TOWER on the left and with CLOUDS on the right.

Let’s study the CLOVER with the TOWER. Is this a sudden separation leading to loss (MOUSE) and worry (BIRDS/OWLS) resulting in an ending (COFFIN) which induces a major change (STORK)?

CLOVER with the CLOUDS. A sudden decision (although the Path card is missing from the layout) leading to the uncertainty in 6-8 weeks. The dark side of the clouds face the future. Things will appear ok for a few weeks (lighter side of CLOUDS face CLOVER).

MOUSE + COFFIN suggests a heavy price to pay if she accepts the job opportunity she will lose on a personal level (BEAR + HOUSE).

Keeping the question in mind about relocation due to a job opportunity let’s really study the COFFIN + STORK and BIRDS/OWL + STORK

CHANGES WILL HAPPEN and there will be EXCESSIVE WORRY about these potential changes, either way. 

There is definitely uncertainty (CLOUDS) in this decision

Will Lady SD accept the job opportunity & relocate?

All cards point to an affirmative answer.

NOTE: this Reading does not have to manifest if Lady SD rejects the offer. The cards always reveal the future is based on current (energy) state of mind. Free Will. There are exceptions, though, Universal Will rules.

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