Busy being a grandma …

Hi Everyone,

Lately I have been so busy being a granny. My grandson turns 1 years old this Friday. I must say that I find great comfort being in his company. I forget all the big people issues and play with him. Connor is starting to walk now but with some assistance.

My daughter is verrry pregnant with my granddaughter which will enter our world in 8 short weeks.

One minute I am burying my mom & dad and the next minute I am meeting them again through my grandson and soon in coming granddaughter. I have made a point of showing Connor who his great grandparents were. I have large pictures on the wall which Connor looks at when he visits. He is starting to understand and when he is a bit older I will tell him all about his Slovenian heritage.

I have a number of posts planned and one of them is about the Buckland Tarot. I had a question in the comments section about this deck in particular. It is my understanding the deck will be published again and I’m very excited about ordering it.

In the meantime, if you live in the USA have a great Thanksgiving weekend and for others who are nice enough to pop in to see what’s going on lease enjoy the posts in the categories & there are lots. 🙂 🙂 🙂


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