Tarot 5 of Cups

Lo Scarabeo 5 of Cups Tarot

The Lo Scarabeo Tarot’s imagery is very provoking. You almost don’t need traditional background in Tarot to understand the above image with the exception of knowing that cups represent emotions. You could probably figure out that cups have something to do with fluids. And what is more fluid than emotions?

l had the 5 of Cups as the crossing card in the Celtic Cross Reading I did when I asked if my mom would be ok after her unexpected surgery last year. I did not read this card to mean death but mom died. Yes, grief is associated with this card. You experience grief through most losses. Sometimes the grief is brief and other times it lasts months & years.

In the image the person is sitting above 3 reversed cups. Whatever was in those cups is lost. A cup cannot contain liquid when upside down. Above the person are what appear to be 2 full cups. The person wears black a sign of sadness in most cultures. The person cannot see the upright cups because his or her hands cover the eyes. Often we do not see other opportunities when we are grieving.

To utilize the positive energy within this card the suggestion is to look at what just happened. Face it. Don’t avoid the loss or grief. Each Tarot card carries positive advice even if it is traditionally negative in nature.  

If I were to see this card again in my Reading I would have to keep an open heart so that I don’t get caught up in the loss or regret depicted by this card. There is always someone or something that can be appreciated. In love situations, the 5 of cups can suggest hurt feelings and disappointment. In work situation, you may not get the job you applied for or get a raise but there is something better coming. In legal situations, you might win the case but at what cost.

Focus on the 2 upright cards and ask for guidance to help you through the situation.

7 thoughts on “Tarot 5 of Cups

  1. Hi I didn’t know where else to post this so i hope you don’t mind. It’s not related to this topic.
    please inform me of where I should have sent this and I will keep it in mind for the futur.
    thank you

    I recenlty bought the buckland romani tarot deck. I have a problem with a few cards because they are very different than the traditional. I was hoping ifyou or your members happen to have this deck so I could get help.

    number 5 which represents the hierophant according to the book. It is a blacksmith. Would you happen to have any keywords that may help me. I have a few other cards as well that cause difficulty.
    thank you

    • Hi Lorraine: Thank you for your comment and question. I really like the Buckland Romani Tarot deck but haven’t gotten around to purchasing it yet. I can write a post on the Hierophant/Blacksmith and offer my perception on the card. Would you like me to include any of the other cards you are having difficulty with? Let me know. Seaqueen

  2. thank you so much for replying>>smiles<<<<
    I saw these cards online and was lucky enough to win a deck on ebay for a great price. I fell in love with the deck when i saw it online, just had to have them. the images are so *real like* Once i got them though, unn, I do say a few cards are quite different. I know to go by what we ourselves see in the cards but still would like help in your view..thanks so much.
    the hierophant from what i undestand is a blacksmith, i do these kinds are hard to find,therefore, we should respect them……………Your view ?

    I understand the following but just to point how different to me are the following, comparing it to the traditional cards. 8 wands, usuallly, its swift action, something happening fast, busy, and action card. but in the buckland deck, i see the swiftness but also it only has wands stuck in the ground so i'm looking at this as though someone was in the middle of something but had to quickly leave??

    page of swords looks like a little s*** disturber, mischeivous, daring, loves danger, but i'm used to seeing this card as getting a message of some kind, i dont see a (getting message) in the buckland deck.

    9 swords in tradtional deck is anxious, worries, sleepless nights due to concers, worry. Bucklnad deck though, wow, so different.??

    devil,is so different in bucklnad deck. i dont see any signs or not understanding any bondage, tied to something etc……

    i know seven swords means different things in tradional but for some reason, each one of my readings this far, it comes up to mean stealing, sneakiness, be cautious. buckland tarot deck, ummm?i guess in a way its a sneaky person to be cautious of becaue he sits working at a booth in a carnival..lol and we know those carnnival people..gotta watch it cause you never win an equal amount because its all about taking your money and not giving back equally…

    anyhow, tks so much..i just love this deck and am anxious to read with them, once i get past the cards i'm not sure of…

    I've been following this site forever, i think its the best!! you have so much information, so much!!!!
    love it.

    • Hello:
      Sorry for the delay in answering you but I am waiting for the Buckland Tarot to become available for shipment. I’m not sure how much longer it will take. I’d like to have the deck on hand to study the cards before I offer assistance with interpretation. Please check back in another couple of weeks. Thanks for your patience. Seaqueen.

    • Hi Lorraine. Thanks again for your kind words. I’m sorry for the delay but I finally wrote a post based on your questions. I hope you enjoy it & if you have any other questions about the cards please let me know. Take care and Happy Cartomancy. Seaqueen

  3. oh i wanted to add, you know how the knight of swords card is (rushed)
    not int this deck..not even moving by the looks of it..lol

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