down memory lane. Constancy card post from Oct 27,2011.

NOTE: I have many draft posts that I did not upload for one reason or another. Actually, I was looking for another post when I found this one from six years ago.

As many of you know I use cards as a form of personal therapy during various experiences. I do prefer the Tarot or the Symbolon decks for this process.

I got through the 1 year Anniversary of my dad. I must say that (for me) the emotions are just as raw as they were when he died. Last year’s Canadian Thanksgiving weekend was planning the funeral and this year we dedicated dinner to dad and mom who predeceased him by 4 short months.

When I was thinking about how I was feeling I found myself visualizing the Constancy card, of all things. This card could suggest being stuck in a rut not moving backwards nor forwards. Constancy indicates lack of change and that things are the same. My grieving stage is represented by this card.

I have written about the Zigeuner Constancy card in a previous post. The content below is applicable to the Art Deco fortune telling cards and the Bediermeir deck as well. Actually, any sibilla style cards which have a Constancy card………

3.  CONSTANCY – Life Categories

Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten

Personality card

The person getting the reading is stable and doesn’t tend to go to extremes emotionally.  When they say they will call –they call.  A dependable sort of individual.  A calming effect.  If you think you can get a rise out of this person, guess again.

Current situation

The energy around you is steady and in balance.  Things will not escalate to a point beyond control.  There is no general chaotic influence in the present.

In money matters

If you are looking to get a raise, don’t expect immediate results.  If you are entitled to one then it will come when it is supposed to not any earlier.  When making purchases look for durability and quality instead of a cheap price tag.  Your finances will not improve greatly nor will they be depleted rapidly.

Invest in something that is steadily rising in price but not overpriced.


You are feeling kind of bored with the same old talk about the same old thing.  You receive a message that leaves you with the feeling of blandness.


You can count on your brother or sister to bail you out of trouble again. You go to the hair salon thinking you will be sporting a new  hairdo you saw in a magazine, and the hairdresser cuts it the same way she always does. Happens to me quite a bit lately.   🙂

In matters of the family &  home

One good thing about CONSTANCY falling in the family & home spot is that you can be sure that won’t change.  Don’t expect the unexpected!  One of your children comes home with an average mark in school. Always a “C” never an “A”.   You will have to stand on your head to get anyone to pay attention or to notice that you are in the room.  Don’t worry, if you are planning to host a dinner party, everything will work out as it always does.  If you burnt the chicken before, you will burn it again.  No big deal.  No one expects any different.

One of your parents is in stable condition.  It shouldn’t get worse or better.

In matters of love & luck

When you don’t know the person real well, you may be in for a surprise once the lights are turned off.  No fireworks this time.   The romantic evening will be filled with the usual. Bring along a book, lol. There is a plateau, neither up or down.  If you have had a lucky streak lately it will continue and that good news.  However, if the reverse is true, reconsider any gambling outings.

In matters of work

If you are not employed and looking for a job, CONSTANCY suggests that you will find something where there are lots of repetitious tasking that requires no creative input.   You won’t lose your job or get laid off.

Partnerships, Marriage and otherwise

The business relationship has a practical foundation built with equal weight.  The regular company you deal with will come through for you, again, as always.  If you are married, your partner will be always be available to you in a consistent manner.  If you are single,  you will meet a person that is a pillar of sameness – an open book, no big secrets about them. In one way this is good, at least you know exactly what you are getting.


The split is fair and everything divided equally.  No major problems in this area.  It’ll still be a slow process and you need patience during this time.  Nothing will change to your benefit if you try to force or push any issues.

An ending will occur that , it is out of everyone’s hands.  This time your God will call out an even numbers, but that is the way is has always been.  Odd, even, odd, even.


Pack your bags and get ready for that vacation to your favorite spot in the world.  You know the place you went to a few years ago.  It will be the only thing you can afford with the way the prices are.  Save up for the real expensive trip because if you did go now – you wouldn’t appreciate it as much.  Good news there is a cottage by the lake to rent, the same cottage you rented last year.

CONSTANCY in the travel spot indicates either that there will be no major travel or some travel but to similar locations.

If you had planned on some adventure, you will have a good time but not a great time.

Future Situation,  Achievements

One of the better cards to have in this position.  Don’t expect to make great headway.  No you won’t lose your job or get laid off.  You walk away even.  If you asked about faithfulness of a person the card suggests that you needn’t worry.  Your sales will be steady and are assured.  That large purchase you are planning to make is a good investment.  When things stay the same, it can be good or bad depending on the aspects around your question.  If it is general, then you can expect everything to be pretty much as it was.


The suggestion with the CONSTANCY card is that you might be getting fed up with a person because they are just blowing hot air and never do what they say they will.  Your friend has always been like that anyways.  Don’t expect them to turn over a new leaf quickly.  If they are doing something that is detrimental to the trust you share, then it might be time to take a second look at whether you want to remain friends.  You are hoping for some changes to happen that would add another dimension to the friendship.

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