Tarot Queen of Swords

Interestingly, my MacBook was having issues right around the same time as icon Steven Jobs passed away. May he rest in peace & know that he left his incredible footprint on the way we communicate.

I admire the qualities of the Queen of Swords. She has had her share of experience and through those experiences has toughened up. Within this card is Strength which if used in a positive way can overcome the challenges and difficulties we sometimes have in daily living.

The Queen of Swords faces to the right looking towards the future. She is not emotionally attached to the past. Her sword is not perfectly straight which means she can become quite negative and hard hearted if provoked.

When you have a problem try meditating on this card. It will assist you in categorizing emotional cloudiness and clear the Ego chatter. Often we make decisions with clouds of confusion surrounding us. In the top background of the card you can see a clear blue sky. It is this level the Queen is capable of reaching. 

Whenever I get the Queen of Swords as an outcome card I know that I have to rely on myself to sort out issues.  I have to look within. No one can help me through this process. I am forced to gain control of my mind so that I can overcome the issues the Reading addressed.

When asking about a relationship or romantic situation the Queen suggests a more direct approach. She doesn’t suggest failure but the Queen does indicate that you will need to set your boundaries by stating what you will and will not accept.

2 thoughts on “Tarot Queen of Swords

  1. This is very interesting, Madame Seaqueen. I need to send a friend of mine over here to your blog to check this out. The queen of swords frequently turns up in her readings.

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