Young chaps of Cups suit

Before I get into the second half of the tutorial Reading of the last post I had some thoughts which came to me last night just before I fell asleep. Why I was thinking about the Tarot Page & Knight of Cups cards at bedtime is beyond me … lol..

Images 1910 Rider. Public domain.

I have written about the Young chaps of the Swords suit. The above Image is of the Rider cards which is by far the most recognized Tarot deck in the world.

In numerology, 9’s represent completion and 10’s suggest a transition. In relation to the Tarot cards the same applies to the 4 suits. Keeping all that in mind the Page would be similar to the Ace in that there is a new level. With the Cups suit ruling the emotions our Page of Cups is staring at the Chalice wondering what to do with the experience of the cards before him. This gives the Page a naive aspect despite all the stages from the Ace through 10 of Hearts.

In the image, he (I’m using this gender for the purpose of this post) is standing sure-footed with his hand on his left hip. The fish pops out of the chalice he is holding in his right hand. The fish is a symbol for the Astrological sign Pisces which is ruled by the Water element. Water rules the emotions. Pisces is also the 12th House often associated with the unknown.  His next step is unknown.

In a Reading, the Page of Cups represents the beginning stages of an emotional situation or describes a person. The Page is different from the Ace. The Ace is the seed of emotions and also represents the beginning stages. The Page has completed the development of this seed and now will try to be wise in his choices by acting on them. As a person, he is not very experienced. As a situation, more work needs to be done.

Thus the Knight of Cups emerges. The Chalice passes to the Knight’s left hand. The fish disappears which means there is a little more control of the emotional realm. A grey horse appears in the scene also signifying more knowledge. The horse is not racing as with the Knight of Swords card. The horse is heading into the future (right side of card). The river of emotions is more in the background and not so close as with the Page of Cups. It is following a natural course which is contained.

The Page has learned to shield his unharnessed emotions by wearing the protective armour in the Knight. The Knight of Cups is now ready to offer his emotional situations and also, to experience them a little further.

In a Reading, the Knight of Cups is usually a welcomed card. It signifies opportunities mainly of a positive nature. As a situation, this card will tell you not to give up. As a person, the Knight will have the stronger personality attributes of the Astrological sign Pisces. The Page and Knight are both Pisces. The latter being more the outer template of the sign.

The Page and Knight of Cups appearing together in a layout is significant because you will be promised development of an emotional situation in obvious steps which can be identified.

The Knight of Cups is not in total control of the emotional realm and when he lives through his level of offering additional experience he will be one step closer to the mastery of the Queen and King.  

When you master  the emotional realm you have knowledge to use it & not abuse it.

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