Part 1/2: Astrology layout using Radiant Sun cards

Part 1: Houses 1 – 6

Reading for 30-year-old male J. involved in Career Challenges.

Oracle of the Radiant Sun


HOUSE 1: Aries: reveals the state of circumstances surrounding male J.

CARD 1: ESCAPE (Mars in Pisces)

Male J. has been a people pleaser to the point of finding himself in situations which are currently hard to handle. He is a visionary and has a natural ability to see the whole picture in situations. However, at this time Male J needs to focus on himself and not so much on others. Other people need to see a more assertive personality especially when it involves future decisions regarding his Career. He needs to project a bit more of a fighting spirit.

HOUSE 2: Taurus: primarily the condition of finances. Values.

CARD 2: PUBLICITY (Jupiter in Leo)

Jupiter lends positive energy to the financial condition. This card suggests gain through a leadership role. There is a strong indication creativity and growth are part of this gain. Male J could be put in a central position whereby money management is involved. 

HOUSE 3: Gemini represents Siblings, Communication, shorter Travel

CARD 3: INTUITION (Mercury in Cancer)

Male J gets very strong gut feelings on situations. He has an exceptional memory and can assemble facts in his own mind at lightning speed. Because of this rate of absorption, Male J, can also absorb hidden energy generated by others. It is a good idea for him to discuss situations with family to obtain another perspective or confirmation of his original gut feelings. Of course, the final decision being his own.

HOUSE 4: Cancer rules Family and Home. Also, the result of any questions asked.

CARD 4: FORTUNE (Sun in Leo)

Out of the 84 cards in the Oracle of the Radiant Sun this wonderful card is one of the best to have in this spot. Since House 4 also rules the end of/ or result of any questions, the indication is so positive that there will be a fantastic outcome to the Career dilemma.

Also, the final time frame for this outcome will be the month of Cancer 2012 (June 21-July 21) because the Reading begins (when the cards were shuffled in the month of Virgo 2011 (Aug 23 – Sept 22). 

HOUSE 5: Leo oversees Love, Children and one’s Creativity/Hobbies.

CARD 5: ENTHUSIASM (Sun in Sagittarius)

Opportunities will arise for Male J which are from abroad. There may be long distance trips in 2012 associated with the Career at that time. This card promises a renewal of optimism so that Male J can expand and explore his creativity skills. Very positive.

HOUSE 6: Virgo represents everyday Work, Well Being and Service oriented tasks.

CARD 6: DRAMA (Mercury in Leo)

We begin the Reading here because we are in the sign of Virgo currently. This spot will reveal what is going on around Male J. There is much communication to contend with involving the work environment. Important discussions are pending. It is vital not to over dramatize situations so as not to affect the health.

Up to this point in the Reading there is great encouragement offered to Male J. The remainder of the Reading (House 7-12) will highlight different events or steps along the path to the FORTUNE card situated in House 4 (2012).  No matter, if there are minimal obstacles Male J needs to know that the Door of Great Opportunity awaits him.

Part 2/2 of the Reading to follow.

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