Lenormand in Block of 9 layout

A question from the comments section: For the purposes of demonstrating the Block of 9 layout I am using Mlle Lenormand English version No. 12979 deck (AGMuller) instead of Titania’s fortune cards which are quite similar in core imagery.

HI ,

………I know I should just trust what I feel but this reading has a few different roads it can go on. It is a 9 card reading down in 3 rows -:

Heart Ring Sycthe

Dog Key Road

Ship Flowers Stork.

if it helps at all it was reading for a 57yr old male.

I hope you can help me with this but it is okay if you canโ€™t I will understand

So kind regards to everyone and take care


First of all we look at the center card in the Block of 9 to determine the category or theme of the Layout. I have placed an X on the KEY card. The tutorial Interpretation is for a 57 year old male.

English Verses Edition No 12979


This row is similar to the Trigger row in the Trigger Layout which has 12 cards instead of 9. I always study the main line first before breaking down the Reading in segments. The middle card suggests there are solutions available for some dilemmas this male may have been experiencing at the time the cards were shuffled (submitted on Aug 6/11). The male is facing some decision concerning a very close friend DOG. This situation seems to have 2 clear options PATH/ROAD as it is the middle card of the last column.


There are warm feelings HEART for this close friend DOG but there is a yearning SHIP for something more or something else, like a change, STORK, last card last column. Sometimes people need change to get a different perspective on life. Many times change teaches us that what we had wasn’t that bad after all. The SHIP card strongly suggests travel for the sake of the opportunities it will present. The trip might be for purely pleasurable reasons BOUQUET/FLOWERS, like a vacation.


We all know RING is all about commitment or continuity in a situation or with a person. Traditionally, when the RING is to the right of KEY there is the promise of a happy and prosperous marriage or connection. The reverse is true when RING is to the left of KEY – difficulties, possible separation. ย In this case, the RING is above KEY which is read as to the left.

So what does the BOUQUET/FLOWERS card reveal in this column? Coupled with KEY the suggestion is quite favourable as an outcome for the cards in the bottom row which involved SHIP and STORK.


The SCYTHE indicates a broken commitment involving emotional matters, HEART, RING. Most likely there will be a sudden pause in the continuation of a relationship.

The STORK bring change particularly from a situation involving a trip SHIP. As a result the male may choose to move ahead in another direction PATH/ROAD away from commitment. The STORK does suggest departure.

There was no question submitted with this layout and all we know is that a 57 year old male is involved. Often questions are not needed to get an essence of the theme.

Since there are no playing cards inserted in this particular deck we shouldn’t read those meanings even if we know them from other decks but it would add another dimension.

The only solution KEY is a decision on certain direction PATH/ROAD and the cards in the layout point to a decision. SCYTHE suggests an ending which will create change STORK in the current circumstances.

You may see other combinations in this layout. Please add your perceptions in the comments section & I will post them as an addendum to this Reading.

11 thoughts on “Lenormand in Block of 9 layout

  1. Thank you so much for this reading. Yes the male in question is going through a lot of changes at the moment and a long term commitment has just ended. He is at the cross roads in his life and is wanting to follow a long term dream of moving abroad to live.I feel that you were spot on with it all. I found it difficult to read because I know this person who will confide in me, which is good on the friendship side but I find difficult to read as i become very critical of myself and wonder if I am being objective.

    I will pass on to him what you have said and I will keep you and the other lovely persons who come here updates on his progress.

    I hope that life is treating you well and that luck, love and friendship remain at your side.
    Takecare and Many Blessings

    Sandie ๐Ÿ™‚ xxx

    PS if two posts come up from me thats caz I lost the first one somewhere and I guess it is travelling around in the air at the moment. Oh Well never mind x

  2. hi my name is LAURA,i am from romania,i love lenormand deck,but i have a problem whith my interpretation, in more layout apeate child,key snake, what meening this? and in other layout apeare book,,,,, key…… snake
    sun ,,. child….stork this meening a pregnances what is keeping secret to other people?Tanke you,for your blog is very useful

  3. Hi, I’m really struggling to work out the meaning of my latest 9 card reading. I’m having difficulties making a very important decision in my life and these cards just make me more confused! Any ideas? I use titanias fortune cards and I shall name the cards 1-9 left to right just as in the book. So first card top left is the scythe, ship and owl, next row is child, road and the woman, bottom row stalk, mountain and anchor. My issue is the road being the centre card which is surrounded by travel cards and the anchor. I have never had so much difficulty reading my cards before. Please help!

  4. Hi: Thanks for your comment. When you say stalk which card are you referring to? Do you mean Whip?

    Yes, stress (owl) is shown around the Lady card. But there is promise in the Anchor card a more stable time coming up.

    The Ship card is not always a trip it can be a yearning or desire. Maybe you want to make a decision one way or another about something very important to you but can’t…….(mountain).

    If you don’t mind me asking what is your dilemma?

    Try this layout. It’s easier to interpret the cards.

    If you have a problem with the link let me know ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Hi, I have pulled out a 9 spread (follow your method)asking the question will a new love come into my life? I charge the heart and draw 8 additional cards from top of the shuffled deck. The 9 cards are:
    1st row: Tree, Lily, Ring
    2nd row: Child, Heart, Stars
    3rd row: Dog, Anchor, Mountain

    It looks positive, but have the Mountain. Please help me to interpret.

    • Hi Bel,

      Thank you for your comment and layout. I normally limit questions about interpretations to 3 cards.
      What I can do for you is briefly summarize the 9 cards. Yes, they are promising.

      The Mountain card can indicate a new love coming into your life in the distant future. If you think about it the Mountain card does point to delays or obstacle but not in a negative way. Whatever person enters your life will be solid (anchor) and loyal (dog). You will receive a commitment (ring). Also, the person will be connected to what you want or wish for (stars) but you will probably not experience this in the immediate future (mountain).

      Another way to look at the Mountain card: meeting someone while traveling.

      Hope this helps. Seaqueen.

      • Hi Seaqueen,

        Thanks for your comment. It gives me more useful insight on the interpretations. May I know what is the normal timeframe for the Mountain card? is it talking about months or years?

        Cheers, Bel

  6. Hi Madame Seaqueen,
    This is Ranie Bhalla , recently i have started learning Lenormand cards I have Mille Lenormand Deck with me. I am always confused to know the images i see on the lenormand cards of playing cards . My question is ” Do we also read playing card meanings along with Lenormand cards’s meanings ? Do playing cards have any significance with lenormand ?”

    • Hi Ranie,
      Sorry for the delay in answering your comment. I became a new grandmother & am quite busy helping my daughter. I have studied the playing cards on the Lenormand deck. Quite honestly many of the playing cards’ meanings do not match the meaning of the actual Lenormand card so it becomes confusing. What I would recommend is just reading the court cards such as King, Queen and Jack. The court cards would be another level of the card. For example card 4 House hold the King of Hearts. This King is connected to the Tarot King of Cups which rules the 4th house in Astrology. Coincidence. Maybe? The Queen of Clubs (Snake) is a smart businesswoman which is in keeping with one of the Snake’s meanings. To be smart can mean to outsmart which comes across as underhanded sometimes. Hope that sheds a bit of light on your question. Seaqueen

  7. Hi Madame seaqueen
    I love your site but am a bit confused how best to use it. I am using the Titania’s cards where the interpretations differ slightly to yours. I am in a very confusingand frustrating relationship and cannot work out the answer because of this. My 9 card spread consisted of TOP- Path- Lady-Tower MIDDLE- House-Man-Mouse BOTTOM- Key- Cloud- Moon. By your interpretation my relationship looks over, but by Titania’s I get there may be a chance. Can you advise me please. Thank you

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