how to do a pre-Reading analysis

The image below is a Horoscope layout using the Pages of Shustah cards. I will review the steps I use prior to drafting up a completed card analysis for E-readings. You can do this with any deck. Categorize the cards according to theme and strengths. I hope you find it helpful πŸ™‚

Horoscope Layout. Shustah Cards.

STEPS in a Pre-Analysis of Reading the Pages of Shustah cards.

Red cards positioned in House 2, 5, 10

There are 3 Red Cards. Red cards represent disruptive and disappointing Energy

House 2- money – red Black Cat

House 5- risk, children – red Pale Horse

House 10- career – red Death

Blue cards situated in House 1, 9

There are 2 Blue Cards. Blue cards represent constructive and favorable Energy

House 1- self – blue Lord of Benevolence

House 9- travel/education – blue Return Road

Yellow cards fall in House 7, 8, 12

There are 3 Yellow cards. Yellow cards represent creative and gainful Energy

House 7- partners/relationships – yellow Little Fool

House 8- other people’s resources – yellow Lord of Power

House 12- unknown/hospitals/inner self – yellow Butterflies

Green cards fall in House 3, 11 and Center Card

There are 3 Green cards. Green cards represent growing and progressive Energy

House 3- communication – green Unicorn

House 11- friendships – green Pregnant Mouse

Center- general Influence – green Magical Horse

Black cards are in House 4, 6

There are 2 Black cards. Black cards represent astrological timelines, people born under the 12 signs plus the self and destiny cards.

House 4- sign of Cancer in House 4 Cancer. June 20 – July 20

House 6- sign of Scorpio in House 6 Virgo. Aug 20 – Sept 20


There is a good balance of Energy (colours of cards).

There are only 2 black cards which indicates not many external influences or people interfering with Sue’s life.Β  Center card is a Positive Green card providing progress and growth Energy for the Reading analysis.

Below is the interpretation of House 1:

HOUSE 1: rules your outer personality. BLUE LORD OF BENEVOLENCE.

Sue gives much emotional support to those around her. She can be counted on to provide a good support system to people who are in need. Her outer personality is very helpful and generous. Sue would rather unite people rather than witness a division.

Sue sees the good in all people and this is a characteristic of the blue card LORD OF BENEVOLENCE.

2 thoughts on “how to do a pre-Reading analysis

  1. I like the way you looked at the houses with shared colors first. Obviously we could do the same thing with tarot or playing cards; anything with suits. I’m not sure that ever occurred to me, as I generally look at houses themselves, and maybe the pairing of opposites. But then, I mainly use the houses with geomancy rather than cards, so it works differently. πŸ™‚

    I don’t have the Shustah deck, although I’ve always liked what I’ve seen of it online.

    • Hi Jason: Thank you for your comment. Yes, you can use the Tarot in a similar analysis. If you notice an abundance of a certain suit or Major Arcana it will help to understand the Energy surrounding the Reading. I think you would really enjoy the Shustah deck. It can be quite addictive especially because of it’s uncanny accuracy. You can purchase the deck/accompanying book from the Morning Light online bookstore. Thanks again. Seaqueen

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