Custom questions Relationship Layout

I get many questions from Readers here and  through other websites. What I like to do is create a tutorial post so that the person asking the question can read. Doing it this way helps others to gain additional perspective to the cards I use or they may even try the layout for their own use.

Below is an image of the Reading.  I created this custom layout to reflect some major questions on the mind of the person seeking guidance, namely, LADY K.

Simple Instructions on how to do this Layout. I shuffled the entire 36 cards of the Magisches Lenormand. I located the LADY and GENTLEMAN cards and placed them on the table with a space in between them for the card in position 4 called BRIDGE. I kept on shuffling thinking of the question position 1 & randomly choose one from the shuffled deck. I did this for each and every position.

[Remember you can select any questions or use any deck of cards that you want]

Custom Questions Relationship Layout

[The interpretation of this Reading is coming right up in next post]

2 thoughts on “Custom questions Relationship Layout

  1. Hello
    can you please help me with a reading i did for a friend…
    im new to this and im just learning now..
    my friend is friends with this guy and she likes him and her question is is there a romantic future for the two of them??
    the 9 card layout was ..
    clouds flowers tower
    paths,whips book
    i think he does like her cause theres the flowers and the ring in the reading but i also think hes hiding something(,book) and there are going to be fighting about something( whips)
    Thank you for taking the time

    • Hi Chris,
      Sorry for the delay in responding. Thank you for your comment and 9 card layout. I am posting an interpretation which is a group effort with some members of the Lenormand Cards community FB page. I will quote your question. Hope you find the post helpful. Seaqueen.

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