Trigger Layout interpretation with Lenormand Arlo deck.

The above image illustrates the Le Normand ARLO in Seaqueen’s Trigger Layout. You can get more information on this deck by clicking the image which will take you to the Etsy website where you have the option of purchasing this deck. I really like this deck because of it’s creative simplicity.

My schedule has been chaotic …. 🙂 I am publishing this section right now and will study the cards some more before writing the remainder of the post. Thank you Tania for your patience.

August 2, 2011….in continuation


First observation: The YOU spot of the Trigger Row  is occupied by DOG. This mean there is deep concern about a situation surrounding a friend. Usually, you remove the LADY or GENTLEMAN and place it is this spot but you don’t have to.

This friend DOG would have been of great significance TOWER in the past. The person would also be facing some major changes COFFIN in the situation which could possibly lead to what looks like a permanent ending SCYTHE.

When reading the Trigger row always look at the last card in column 4 to see if it is promising when there is a negative card ending this row. In this case the last card is LETTER coupled with RING to the left of it. Not a bad combination. The way I want to read this is that despite some sudden new directions in this situation there will be other circumstances coming up which could minimize the effect of the SCYTHE card.


These three cards reveal a profound TOWER involvement HEART which was discovered within a short time CLOVER. Also, there is evidence of a break up TOWER + HEART which occurred without much warning CLOVER.


We carry the effects of the HEART card to the next column.  Feelings that are still in the beginning stages CHILD even though deep surrounding this friend DOG are met with some competition SNAKE. It could be another female QUEEN CLUBS because she lies to the right of the HEART card. There could be some unfinished business which is still continuing as revealed by the card to the right RING.


The FISH card can represent a financial matter or obligation which is nearing an end. Whatever the ties RING are it will take some time to sort out this situation.


A lot of Readers use the TREE card to suggest health related situations. Even if this could be a meaning using in this layout the SCYTHE shows a removal of the problem. I want to read these three cards to indicate past connections TREE will eventually end SCYTHE.  The LETTER offers an alternative to approaching the situation by discussing all the information surrounding this friend DOG.

4 thoughts on “Trigger Layout interpretation with Lenormand Arlo deck.

  1. Hi Madame Seaqueen
    Thank you for your interpretation. Interesting reading, the combination of cards, I really like this layout … understood that the sickle remove things from the past, but does not put an end because they still have things to happen and that friend is also going through a transformation fr.
    Again thank you,

  2. Hello Madame Seaqueen,
    Spread in asking about a person over another and the answer was … I believe that the letters showed the greatest concern I have. Makes sense.
    My friend (ex-husband) was fired earlier this week. I believe that the letters and sickle fish + ring on the line have been shown to trigger it.
    They are only impressions
    Thank you,

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