Comment question about Lenormand cards

Hello Madame Seaqueen,  could you help me in interpreting the game?
clover       child       fish        tree
tower        dog        coffin     scythe
heart        snake     ring       letter

trigger line: I can read as high or friend a friend that we are separated?
what is finished and will be removed? my friend or our reservations? I can not understand, to read that line ..

Thank very much,

INTERPRETATION to FOLLOW illustrating the Le Normand ARLO deck

Coming up in next Post

One thought on “Comment question about Lenormand cards

  1. Dear Madam Seaqueen,

    I am very impressed by the way you’re interpreting cards especially lenormand.

    I bought lenormand card and I am eagerly obsessed to know how to read GT, that’s why I started to learn it, so now I can say I know a bit of it.

    I would really appreciate if you could interpret it (when you have time). This GT spread is done for an old lady aged 64 who lives away of her husband and who has troubles with one of her sons.

    35; 15; 11; 6; 34; 2; 4; 26
    17; 3; 8; 18; 31; 36; 33, 20
    14; 1; 10; 28, 24, 5; 25, 16
    19, 29, 13, 9, 21, 22, 27, 23
    7, 12, 30, 32

    I know that you are really busy but I would really appreciate if you could tell me about the most important things about this old woman’s future.

    Yours sincerelly,


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