Gipsy Wahrsagekarten. Enemy & Ecclesiastic



Negative thinking. Potentially harmful situation. Nasty person. A medical procedure involving “cutting”. Be alert. Pay attention.

The image of the Enemy card says it all, however, as with the Tarot cards it could represent your own frame of mind.  Are you hiding something? Are you not being totally honest with someone else or even yourself. In a situation question, you could be a victim of some negative undercurrents but it’s important to ask yourself if your own intentions are honourable.



Anyone involved in an organized belief system. Faith. A church type environment. Philosophy. Spirituality.

The image of the Ecclesiastic card give the impression of safety and some form of devotion. Are you holding on to a person or situation because it’s the right thing to do. There are choices. Just because everyone else is settling you don’t have to.  In a situation question, the outcome will most likely be obvious, no real surprises.


These two cards falling together (ENEMY, ECCLESIASTIC) in a Reading suggests a situation that appears unfavourable or risky will turn out to be more of a plateau outcome.  For example, if you accept a job position because you feel the need for change then you will experience little opportunity for quick advancement. 

These two cards falling together (ECCLESIASTIC, ENEMY) in a Reading indicates what appears right is not always truth. For example, if you are planning to enter a marital arrangement you could be in for a rude awakening. You or your partner are not being honest about the whole thing. 

As with all Sibilla style fortune telling cards the interpretative meanings can be overwhelming. Your perception will probably be different. Seaqueen’s perception is offered a guide 🙂

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