Mystereum Tarot 3 card Reading

I find the Mystereum Tarot very intriguing indeed. I requested permission from Jordan Hoggard to use 3 cards from the deck to illustrate a short Reading with a specific question. He was kind enough to email me the images below. Thank you Jordan.

The question for this Reading is as follows:

What are the best considerations for stepping on the gas with a project that is 6-years old and ready to take to the next level?

I decided to do a simple 3 card Reading with the description of the positions included in the interpretation. The images of the cards are very good for tapping into those areas of your intuition that would normally not be touched. The Reading presented below is my perception of the Mystereum Tarot.


Mystereum Queen of Pentacles

POSITION 1: This spot represents the core essence of the question. The Queen of Pentacles suggests the 6 year project has all the makings for financial success. The Queen holds the Pentacle in her lap as if to display it to the viewer saying, “how much longer do I have to wait”. She advises that in order to have financial mastery over this situation the person must stop thinking about it. It’s a waste of time to keep perfecting what is perfect already.


Mystereum High Priestess

Position 2: In this spot we discover a clue to the steps necessary to come to a result or outcome. The High Priestess suggests the person needs to follow the intuitive path more so than using practicality. The practicality is already contained and established in the Queen of Pentacles. The High Priestess is saying, “follow & trust your intuition and the next level will be revealed in a way you will recognize it”. In the image the High Priestess reaches out into the Universe and is a conduit for messages which the person shall receive.


Mystereum Judgment

Position 3: Here you will find the answer based on the culmination of the previous 2 cards. The Judgment card suggests another aspect of this project needs to be brought back to life. There is a small piece missing which has prevented full manifestation in the past. The Judgment card is clearly showing re-birthing. Also, this card is saying, “wake up and embrace your rewards”. The person asking the above question should take the risk and move quickly forward. The missing aspect could be the fear of pushing the envelope in this project.

All indicators are positive and the person is on the verge of success with this project.

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