Interpreting Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten cards

The Enemy As a Situation card:


The ENEMY cards suggests a situation is around you which appears to be not in your best interest.  It could be someone who is not what they seem.  More than likely these circumstances have a way of lingering on around us even though we don’t realize it.  Often emotional strings still remain even if the person or situation has left our immediate lifestyle.

Death as a Recent Past card:


The DEATH card is either welcomed or feared.  Since it falls in the spot of recent past this means the energy is departing out of your life. Something (job) or someone (relationship) no longer serves a good purpose in your life and it is just as well it will be part of the recent past.  The death card suggests the elimination of things which no longer are productive or fruitful like a dead end job or dead beat relationship.

Widow as the To Come in the Near Future card:

Even though the WIDOW card doesn’t give the impression it is a joyous immediate future it means you could feel down only for a short time. It also suggests making new connections which as an outsider initially are challenging to do.  As the pending energy card the widow suggests you will be just fine and shouldn’t push anything.

The best advice would be to allow the natural flow of situations.  Whatever the cycle is it will develop into a new one within a few months (always keep the final card in mind when giving such advice).

Journey as the Result or Outcome card:


What’s the outcome?  You will embark on a trip. The  JOURNEY card does indicate actual travel (trip or change in location) away from that something or someone which is slowly passing out of your life. You will leave behind what has ended or ceased to exist in a way to give you happiness.  If you move (home or job) you will have new beginning but will more than likely have to sever some other ties of past familiarity.

People and situations are in our lifestyle but when change comes knocking on the door (as is represented by the death card) we usually say good bye to aspects of certain connections. Often parts of our personality die and are reborn much stronger.

12 thoughts on “Interpreting Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten cards

  1. Very interesting about the enemy card. That’s one of the cards in the deck that trip me up in terms of interpretation. I can see now how that could be situation based, rather than just a person. This is very helpful.

    I also struggle with the widow and widower cards. If it’s okay to ask, how are the widow and widower different when applied to a reading?

  2. Hello Cora:
    Thank you for your comment. The Widow and Widower not only represent people but situations as well. The situation would be one in which the person would not receive much support. In fact, the Widow is related to the Tarot Queen of Swords suggesting hard facts surrounding the situation. The Widower is connected to the Tarot King of Swords and offers the element of fairness. When you put all that together using both Widow or Widower the situation involved will not allow for favouritism and is strictly by the book as they say. Hope this helps in understanding aspects of these 2 Zigeuner cards. Seaqueen

    • Hello Madam Seqqueen,

      it is my first time to write to you although not the first time to read your comments. I am very much interested to read sibilla and zigeuner cards. I have been practising reading them for a few months. If it is possibe to help me read the following combinations that seem to appear so often in my layouts: ecclesiastic and enemy. Sometimes they appear combined with misfortune.

      I would really appreciate if you could tell me these combinations

      • Hi: Thank you for your comment. Reading the Sibilla style cards takes practice. You will develop your own meanings each time you do Readings with them. The core meanings remain pretty much the same but there is always an alternate way to look at cards.
        The Ecclesiastic & Enemy cards don’t always have to have a bad meaning. The Enemy is either a person or situation that isn’t always honest. The Ecclesiastic card is strong energy which can expose the dishonest person or situation. Often we misplace our trust into people and circumstances because we want to believe in “good”. When it turns out differently we get upset or disappointed and are reluctant to trust fully again. When the Ecclesiastic and Enemy card fall together it is always better the Enemy card is first. The Ecclesiastic card can represent a proper or formal matter which can be a good thing. The Misfortune card can suggest a situation which is not favourable but it will pass. Look for other cards ending the layout which are positive. Hope this helps. Madame Seaqueen

  3. Combination of death and misfortune

    this is supposed to show real death. Around 3-4 months ago when I first started to read Zigeuner cards misfortune and death appeared so often in my layouts and my sisters’ as well. A month passed and my father died. So, this proved to be true.

    • Greetings: Thank you for your comments. Yes the Death & Misfortune cards can predict death. Sorry for your loss. I’ve had a similar experience as well. Thanks for sharing your story. In answer to your other post, doing a full board (36 cards) Reading is a lengthy process for a blog post. I am not sure I can accommodate your request at this time but what I can do is write about a few of the cards surrounding the Lady and Gentleman. Most likely it will be several weeks before I can do this. Do stay tuned. Best wishes. Seaqueen.

  4. Dear Seaqueen, i have a deck of gypsy biedermeier cards but i don’t know hot to spread them, what should i do after shuffeling them?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Mari: Thank you for your comment. I will do an instructional post using the Biedermeier cards shortly to give you a few tips. The post should be ready within the week. It will be called, “Question from Mari re Biedermeier Cards”. Seaqueen

  5. Hi madame Seaqueen

    I’m portuguese, and i want to let you know that i love your blogue, and your way of reading the cards.
    You are direct in your point of view.

    Thanks for sharing your time, and your passion.

    A happy new year.


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