Lenormand PATH & COFFIN combination

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Queen of Diamonds. PATH

PATH and COFFIN combination.

The PATH card suggests a choice in direction. Often a decision needs to be made when there is more than one way to arrive at a solution or when you need to choose one opportunity over another. The COFFIN card indicates the choice you decide on will probably end in failure or with a challenging result.

Even though the COFFIN card points to a dead-end you do have the option of re-visiting the alternative road depicted in the PATH card. If the COFFIN card were the SCYTHE for example then all bridges have been burned and serious ties have been severed by the decision you made. The COFFIN symbolizes termination. Within this card is a small ray of hope to begin anew as with the death of a loved one they continue in spirit form instead of the earthly physical form we are accustomed to. From actual death of any situation many new situations are born.  

Other choices presented to us are not always clear when we are in the midst of decision-making. Let’s say you are faced with staying with your current job or applying for another position. Many people beat themselves up about this dilemma. Giving up the security of a regular paycheck in exchange for being a rookie in another position is both challenging and exciting. In this case, the COFFIN card is forewarning you to circumstances which you are not seeing correctly. Take off your rose-colored glasses and really look at the choices suggested by the PATH card.

Staying put for the time being is a decision and the COFFIN card tells you that you will not advance in your current job. Nor will your relationship develop much further if you were contemplating on ending a relationship because the lure of greener pastures is strong. 

4 thoughts on “Lenormand PATH & COFFIN combination

  1. Hello Madame Seaqueen, could you help me in interpreting the game?

    clover child fish tree
    tower dog coffin scythe
    heart snake ring letter

    trigger line: I can read as high or friend a friend that we are separated?
    what is finished and will be removed? my friend or our reservations? I can not understand, to read that line …
    Thank very much,
    Stay with God.

  2. Hi Madame Seaqueen,
    I am very interested in his new post, I have read previous post on the Trigger Seaqueen’s layout and tried to find the answer in the game, make this game since last year, I will write down the game and the following facts … I was very happy for you to use a new post. I’m looking every day – rss
    Thank you.

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