Young chaps of Swords suits

The young chaps of the Swords suit look troublesome. You can see and feel the shift in energy starting with the Page and changing into the Knight when you look at them side by side.

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When I see the Page Swords in a Reading I always get a negative feeling about the card. I know this isn’t the correct way to look at it. The more you study the card in relation to the position of the layout and the remainder of the spread the Page of Swords sometimes isn’t negative at all. This card can suggest being overly cautious or suspicious of people and situations. The Page holds a Sword in to defend or attack mode.

The Sword is related the SCYTHE in the Lenormand Cards. One of the associated meanings with the Sword is to bring clarity. Often when we experience clarity of a situation or about a person it can hurt but it also prunes us of all that is not truth. Another meaning is force or strength. Many times intellectual anger is present.

In the Knight of Swords the Page is ready to fight. He points the Sword towards the goal of attack. The horse is in a fast Pace Gait which means it is revved up for the race. These two cards show how energy of the Swords can be utilized. You can either stand in one place not knowing whether to defend or attack or you can find a means towards a solution.

Seeing the Knight of Swords in a Reading I know that the time of inactivity is over. It is time for action. The clouds in the background of this card suggest turbulence but one should know that the state of mind is off-center. This card depicts rashness and a headstrong approach to the situation or person.

When the Knight of Swords is the last card in the Celtic Cross or as a result card in other Layouts this means there is a battle of egos involved with the situation or person. A pruning process will be necessary which often causes more chaos until the actual clarity of mind is achieved.

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