Real estate question for Shustah cards/update June24

A long time special friend of mine has been trying to sell his property. He will find out next week whether the current offer of purchase will be successful. On his behalf I asked the Pages of Shustah cards if the property will sell to the interested seekers.

I did the 3 card layout which is below and drew THE SPYING PAGE, THE WISH CARD and THE CHALICE.

Will the property sell?

The first card represents the basis or premise of the question. This position is similar to Card 3 in the Celtic Cross if you place the 3rd card BENEATH card 1 and 2. This spot should reveal the core essence behind the question. In the SPYING PAGE we can see some conflict of interest with the remaining two cards which are totally positive and promising.

The SPYING PAGE has a negative connotation, however, in this case the message is to wait it out. Of course, my friend doesn’t have a choice he has to wait it out.  One meaning of the SPYING PAGE is observation. Sometime during the process of observation we discover other alternatives or opportunities.

Perhaps due to the frustration of not getting a solid offer in the past on the property my friend is a little defensive about an actual sale. Doubts creep in. When you don’t get attached to the outcome it hurts less if it is not in your favour.

THE WISH CARD: Real good energy with this card. Falling in the middle it suggests that situation is loaded with positivity.  This is the BIG WISH card in the deck but it is also influenced by the other 2 cards in the Reading.  One red card indicating DISAPPOINTMENT and the final card being yellow suggesting GAIN.

The final card will reveal the outcome or result to the question. THE CHALICE reminds me of the Tarot Ace of Cups for obvious reasons. It also reminds me of the 3 cups indicating celebration. The last 2 card in this layout have powerful, positive energy which suggest a favourable answer.

Blessings will come to my friend and his family. Will he sell the property next week?

THE WISH CARD says the question embodies a WIN-WIN answer. 

—–>UPDATE: June 25/11. My friend’s PROPERTY SOLD. Spying Page turned out to be a one week delay in the closing date.

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