Morgan Greer Tarot 2 Pentacles

The Tarot suit of PENTACLES represents the tangible world. In this world we can feel concrete things such as a couch, money, garden, car, etc.


The second deck I purchased back in the 1970’s was the Morgan Greer Tarot with the accompanying Handbook, “The Book of Tarot”. At that time this deck seemed very different from the traditional 1971 Rider deck in that the symbols of the cups, swords, wands and pentacles were magnified. My original deck was partially destroyed when I left a candle burning and some of the cards were covered in wax. I tried to remove the wax but ended up ruining the images. I re-ordered the Morgan Greer deck in recent years and I think the reproduction is not up to the standards of the original printings.

The 2 of PENTACLES represents a choice between 2 tangible opportunities.

The Magican

In the image the 2 pentacles are within the symbol of eternity (lemniscate). This symbol is found above the Magician’s head and represents a continuous flow of energy. In the Magician’s card the symbol is perfectly horizontal and in the 2 of Pentacles the symbol is tilted to one side.

The indication here is that the continuous flow is still there but requires a little adjustment to keep it moving in perfect balance. 

In a Reading:

The 2 of Pentacles often suggests financial or work questions. These situations show inconstancy, however, the Reader should be aware that the situation will not stay like that for a very long time. Things will change.

In past Readings, I have seen the 2 of Pentacles to represent income from 2 sources. To round out a financial situation 2 incomes may be necessary to bring a continuous flow of money to a household. Also, this card can suggest just barely meeting your bills. Money comes in and goes out as quickly.

I like seeing the 2 of Pentacles as an outcome card because there is a promise within this card that finances will eventually straighten out. As well, a decision can made between lovers after weighing the pros & cons.


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