Aquatic Tarot Chariot

Aquatic Tarot. The Chariot.

The Aquatic Tarot Chariot by Andreas Schröter is illustrated for it’s beauty and because it is one of my favourite decks when it comes to opening the doorway to meditation. Often through a short meditation on the card you can hear your Inner Voice or focus on your Inner Sight much better.

I chose the CHARIOT today as a daily guidance card.  There are many traditional & modern meanings for the CHARIOT which we all know.

🙂 I decided this morning before I drew this card to wash the floors in the house. This is a physical task requiring resolve. Part of me wants to play today and the other part of me wants to take care of necessary house-work.  Something simple such as housework requires the strength and commitment of the CHARIOT.

As an example, I see the Charioteer representing me first thing in the morning. As time went, and a few coffees in the back patio I began to experience both the black and white sphinxes (horses in some decks). The last thing I feel like doing on a gorgeous day like this is to stay inside and wash the floors.  The see-saw influence of procrastination is hitting me again but I know I have the CHARIOT’s energy giving me silent support to complete this task. 🙂

The CHARIOT card comes under the rulership of the sign of Cancer which rules the 4th house signifying the home. If you know any Cancerian people you may have noticed they are mostly homebodies & their home/family environment is very important to them.

The message I get from the CHARIOT card is to find a balance by

controlling my INNER HOUSE (Adytum).

This means controlling the directional reins of the opposing influences depicted by the Sphinxes/Horses. Bottom Line:  I am master of my Chariot.

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