Shustah cards reveal an unwanted answer

Green Unicorn. Red Fence. Red Bed

Interpreting the Shustah Trio

The 3 cards in the above image is from an actual Reading. I asked a question on behalf of someone else a few days ago. The question is not important right now but the analysis of these 3 cards leading to the answer is vital.

GREEN UNICORN: describes a situation around the question which depicts a circumstance of ‘out of control’. The Unicorn card represents energy which needs harnessing. Many situations start out one way and go into a totally different direction.

When I saw the 2 Red cards I knew the answer would not be positive. Knowing something was out of control to begin with I became concerned with the remainder of the cards in the layout.

RED FENCE: this card speaks of separation.  I did not look for any other levels of interpretation because I knew some sort of severing experience was around the corner.

RED BED: some of the meanings of this card indicate illness, fatigue and a general feeling of being unwell.

When you blend RED FENCE and RED BED together you know the person will lose their well being via some situation which has created a division. This division began with the GREEN UNICORN’s uncontrolled energy. When there is a division it means that something will be ‘apart’ or ‘separated’.

There was a sad turn of events for a friend of mine’s daughter which involved an uncontrolled separation creating illness. My question on her behalf was whether or not the daughter would have a healthy pregnancy.

😦 my friend’s daughter had a miscarriage 😦

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