Mothers Day weekend

I remember a year ago when mom was alive…..

I did not know she would suddenly with no obvious warning signs, die 3 weeks later. Would I have done anything different? Probably not as I shared the day with her at an entertainment facility which she loved.

There was a situation tonight which occurred that put a lot of pressure on me. If any of you have lost a mom, you know that it takes time to sort out your emotions, memories and things connected to her. How can a person understand the mixed emotions one feels on the 1st Mothers Day after a mother dies, unless they have experienced this.

Not all men and women are close to their mom’s and vice versa. When you lose a mom, you lose the one person who looked out for you, made sure you weren’t hungry & gave you those countless lectures about life.

I am an adult now and yet somehow still feel like a little girl who needs her mom whether it be for positive reinforcement or for those lectures she was so good at. My mom was a Gemini and was never at a loss for words.

I do remember the last thing I said to my mom as they wheeled her into life threatening surgery. I kissed her on the forehead and told her I loved her. I never spoke to my mom again. She died within 24 hours.

If your mom is alive, tell her she is special. I miss my mom & will continue to do so for a long time.

It is my turn to be the Matriarch and a grandma. Still have difficulty hearing grandma as this title was reserved for my mother. So, my daughter came up with another title. I will be GG to my precious Connor.

My mom would have doted on Connor. It’s so sad she did not see him. He was born 6 months after she died.

Tonight I feel a sadness because I cannot take my mom out to her favourite entertainment facility. For that matter, I can’t share Mothers Day with dad because he is gone to, a few short months after mom.

If you are grieving this Mothers Day – you are not alone.


2 thoughts on “Mothers Day weekend

  1. Hi, Seaqueen.

    My heart goes out to you…while I still have my mom with me, I remember having to go through all those ‘first’ holidays after Dad passed. Fortunately for me – like yourself – I had an opportunity to speak with him right before he died and the last words we exchanged were “I Love you!”

    May the joy that the rest of your family brings you, quickly overshadow your sadness and loss.

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