Question from Female E

Dear SeaQueen… thank you for your reply!
my layout turned out like this…
34 (fish) – 28(gentleman) – 21 (mountain) – 10 (scythe)
8 (coffin) – 29 (lady) – 24 (heart) – 30 (lilies)
31(sun) – 11 (whip and broom) – 7 (snake) – 2 (clover)
the time frame I have set for this reading is APRIL TO MY BIRTHDAY (MID JULY)

I thank you from the heart and in advance for your time…


Simple Trigger Layout

Reading interpretation for Female E. using the French Cartomancy deck. The featured spread is the Simple Trigger layout.


Female E. is represented by the LADY. In the past column we find the COFFIN suggesting some sort of ending or new direction involving a male -FISH. The past column does show optimism regarding this new direction which is depicted by the SUN card.

In the now column the GENTLEMAN is directly above the LADY. This means the male is very much on her mind. She is thinking about him quite profoundly. He in turn is worried about money (FISH) and some challenges (MOUNTAIN) which are before him. Beneath the LADY lies the WHIP card. This card foretells some disagreement coming or lack of clarity in communication.

Directly in front of the LADY is the HEART card falling in the immediate column. The female is looking right at this card. Her emotions are tied with this male (GENTLEMAN) and she will be a little suspicious (SNAKE) in the near future. The obstacles suggested by the MOUNTAIN card will be in the relationship (HEART). The female feels something is not right (SNAKE). It could be another female (SNAKE) involved.

By the time Female E’s birthday rolls around this situation should be resolved.  The LILY card promises that harmony will be restored.  The SCYTHE in the soon column suggests the aggravations of the MOUNTAIN card will cease. The CLOVER depicts a fast solution.

The overall important card in the Trigger Layout is the LILY card. It is positive. The Layout ends in the CLOVER card which suggests whatever dilemma is going on now it should be concluded before Female E’s birthday.

2 thoughts on “Question from Female E

  1. Hi Madame Seaqueen;

    In the Simple Trigger layout, do you pick the querent…first before preceding the lay-out, and, do you set out the cards
    horizontally first…then, when doing the reading, do you read
    them vertically…each four rows?….Thank you ani

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