4 Additional Mystical Lenormand cards

I had a question about the 4 additional cards in the Magical Mystical Lenormand deck from someone on another website I am affiliated with.  I hope this post is helpful if you have the extra cards. Thank you Caitlin Matthews for bringing this typo to my attention.

These four cards have subtle symbols which take the Lenormand cards to another level. These symbols are not the simple ones you see on the regular 36 cards.

The message I get from the cards will differ from yours. You may be more of a follower of symbolisms & maybe you just resonate with the title of the cards. 

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CARD 37 – Ancestor

Basically the images shows a female reading cards. In the background are shadows of people who have passed on and are not in physical form. Take a good look at the chandelier – filled with symbols.

The message I get from this card is that we use tools to gain access to the past knowledge and this knowledge is universal. 


CARD 38 – Spirit Guides

Image depicts a nun and monk. In the background there is a white horse ridden by a warrior. Off to the left of the card is an Asian merchant, probably an Apothecary. Notice the butterfly by the rose tree.

The message I get from all the people in the card is that it does not matter what discipline you believe all are all part of Mother Earth. 


CARD 39 – Power Animals

Picture of some guide animals namely, wolf, dolphin, eagle, spider, tiger, turtle. If you know anything about power animals they provide a resource to us when we cannot figure things out as humans. 🙂

All the animals are in their comfort zone no matter where they are situated in the card. The Sun and Moon are are in perfect rhythm of their natural cycle.

The message I get from this card is that we, too, can become empowered by listening and following the ways of animals.


CARD 40 – Angel

The winged angel is playing a violin and appears to be engaged in a dance. The winged lion is listening to her message. There is sense of unity with the angel and lion. In the foreground we see a cluster of crystals.

The message I get from this card is that we all can tap into the higher frequency of song and dance to become one.

2 thoughts on “4 Additional Mystical Lenormand cards

  1. Aren’t these 4 new cards rather from the Mystical rather than from the Magisches LeNormand, please? They are painted in egg tempera like the Mystical, rather than in the crayon/felt tips of Magisches.

    • Dear Caitlin: Thank you so much for your comment & observation. Yes, these cards are from the Mystical deck. I knew they were not in keeping with the Magisches imagery, however, I saved the post as a draft and continued writing the post at a later date. A blunder on my part. I will post the correction. Thanks again. Seaqueen

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