thinking out loud

Tonight I finished off printing the last copies of the Learning Lenormand Handbook.  I thought I would take a break before I go ahead and comb-bind them. This is the tricky part because one has to really pay attention when lining up the paper with the machine or the holes don’t go where they are suppose to.

🙂 And that means re-printing.  Hmm maybe I’ll wait until the morning as it is getting darker.

Besides I’m in a meditative mood thinking about all my projects especially….the Tarot Workshop. I won’t get into all the 78 cards and focus on the Major Arcana.  Funny, all the information is in my head but I really should write down an outline so I can have a visual reminder.

The best part of this workshop will be the interaction with the people who attend. Even though I have read the Tarot cards for 4 decades I always like to pretend I don’t know anything about them to see what pops up. This is not an easy task. I bet you I spent hundreds of hours memorizing those silly meanings when I was a teenager. Later on, only to discover I said something completely different when I did a Reading.

Some basics are helpful for the beginner but keep an open attitude about the Tarot cards if you want to understand how the Gypsy Oracle cards work in a Reading.

The traditional teachings on the Major Arcana start with the FOOL card representing the soul and onward through the following cards’ lessons. I think we can experience all the 22 cards in the cycle of one situation. Every situation has a beginning, a process, an end and finally a result. It is the process that teaches us about the situation and ourselves.

For example, I have lived through the TOWER card many, many times as you probably have too.

The TOWER situation had a beginning. The process occurs when we are holding on for dear life. The end is when the chaotic ride slows down. The result is wiping the vomit of your experience off your face, LOL.  This can all happen in one day, one week or months.

I have woken up in a MOON card state and ended the day in an EMPEROR card state of mind. Think about it. Think about what you do in one day.  How many different Tarot card hats do you wear?

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