connecting the dots & dashes

On Saturday, April 16th  I attended the Awakening Your Hidden Powers one day workshop: An introduction to Shinjukyo taught by my dear friend Janos and author of Wake Up! A practical guide to awakening your Hidden Powers.

How do you awaken your hidden powers? One way is to think for yourself. Janos goes into quite a bit of detail in his handbook on how to reclaim your Energy which leads to self-empowerment. 

Janos is also the artist who created a magnificent deck of Sibille cards for Seaqueen. Due to the tragic turn of events in 2010 this project was put on a temporary  hold. Time does Heal. Seaqueen’s Cards which should be available later this year.

Highly recommend this book if you need to regain self-empowerment

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3 thoughts on “connecting the dots & dashes

  1. Hello Madame Seaqueen,

    your homepage is very interesting and sometimes I read your topics here.
    I also predict the past and the future with cards and without cards and I´m very interested in old divinatory systems of oracle.

    Well, I would ask you to be very nice to me and to sign in my forum in Russian language for people who´re searching for more serious information about this divination methods.

    Sakoldovannij krug – Russian esoteric forum which has to do with tarot, playing cards and parapsychology [clairvoyance/ magic]. AUTHOR – Alexandra.

    With regards from Germany,

  2. Hello Madame Seaqueen,

    thank you for your answer. Last three days I was disconnected because of a new German Internet provider. 😉

    At home I have many cards oracle and oracle with bones and runes. My cards are Lenormand, playing and tarot cards. Since last year I´ve worked with clairvoyance.

    Your site is very exciting. Sometimes I read your posts here. Could you write about your picture “The Celtic Cross”?
    From my forum I have answers for you. 😉

    With regards,

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