Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten Handbook available early May

I have 3 more Limited Edition Seaqueen’s Cartomancy Handbooks:

Learning the Lenormand Cards Handbook 10/12 is available at —> Etsy. Cover Art/Seaqueen Image copyright J.Neder 2011

Cover Art / Seaqueen Image copyright 2011. J. Neder.

June 26, 2011. Sorry the limited Edition printing is sold out.

My next Seaqueen’s Cartomancy Handbook will be Learning the “Gipsy” Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten. This Handbook will be a Limited Edition. Available late July – October 2014. Announcement to follow.

Right now I am preoccupied with the upcoming open heart surgery for my precious little grandson. Please send Healing Energy to Baby Connor on March 28, 2011.

UDATE: May 12/11- it’s early May & I am working on the Gipsy handbook when I’m not immersed in the spring landscaping, watching my grandson and finishing up prior commitments. The handbook project may take until the end of June at this rate. 🙂 

UPDATE: JUNE 26, 2011. The Handbooks I am creating will be ready in the Fall 2011. I will make an announcement when the official website is launched. LIMITED EDITION sold out.

—>UPDATE: FEB 2014. It appears I will have to book a writers retreat to complete these projects as my personal/business lifestyle commitments do not permit enough “free time” to edit/write, etc.

UPDATE: MAY 23, 2012

Another blessed event in our family.  My granddaughter was born Dec 15/2011. Many of my projects were delayed as I am helping out my daughter. The last 6 months were very busy with the 2 babies who are 12 months apart. Right now I am finishing up the revised Lenormand handbook and will continue with the Zigeuner tutorial handbook. I was hoping the latter would be ready by mid JUNE but as things look I might finish writing it on a mini vacation (cottage country ideal for writing)  mid-late JULY 2012.  Thanks very much for being patient if you are waiting for the Lenormand and/or Zigeuner handbooks.  Seaqueen.



16 thoughts on “Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten Handbook available early May

    • Hello:
      Thank you for your comment and reservation of the Learning the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten Handbook. Details will follow. You would have to join Etsy (my Etsy id is jozefaCreations) to purchase the handbook. It is totally free to join. Happy Cartomancy. Madame Seaqueen

  1. will you be doing a book on the kipper? that would be so good. maybe just a small ref. book,since i know some of cards can be similar to lenormand. 🙂

    • Hi: Thanks for your request. The handbook will be ready in the Fall 2011 and offered at Etsy website. It’s absolutely free to join. I will make an announcement on my blog when the Limited Edition printing is ready. There will be 12 Handbooks only. Regards. Seaqueen

  2. Hi Seaqueen, How can i register for your site with password? I appreciate all the wonderful and rich information you provide! You are impressively knowledgeable.

    • Hi Celine: Thanks for your interest. You don’t need a password for Ask my Cards website. The only thing which requires a password is the Lenormand and Zigeuner Wahragekarten cards’ meanings. Is that what you are asking me? Regards, Seaqueen

    • Hi Caitlin. Just a quick note to let you know I am still in the writing process of the Zigeuner handbook. Anticipated date: delayed by a month or two. (JULY 2012) With so much going on in my schedule I hope to have some “quiet time” to finish up this project. Thanks for asking.

  3. Hello Madame Seaqueen,

    Please reserve me a copy of the Zigeuner Handbook, too! (Do you still have the Cartomancy Handbook – Lenormand available?)

    Thanks, Soulscape

    • Greetings Soulscape,
      Thanks for your comment. The Lenormand handbook should be ready July 1st if all goes good with the Zigeuner to follow which would be at some point this summer. Thanks for asking. I will make an announcement on my blog. Happy Cartomancy. Seaqueen

  4. I wonder if there is still a copy of the LeNormand handbook. I woud like to buy one and the Zigeuner handbook too!!

    • Hi Louise. Thanks for your comment. The revised Lenormand handbook should be completed end of June / early July with the Zigeuner handbook to follow. I will announce the availability on a current post. Seaqueen

  5. Hello, I was wondering if you published the handbook for Hungarian Gypsy cards. If so where could I purchase it? Thanks.

    • Hello Janice: Thank you for asking. The Handbook is being edited. Sorry for the delay but the last few years have been filled with other commitments. Finding enough time to complete the Reading the Lenormand and Reading the Gipsy cards has been challenging. I am contemplating on a writers retreat for a week to finish these projects. Will post updates on FB. Thank you. Madame Seaqueen.

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