wall of healing energy for Japan

Watching the brutal scenes for the last earthquake in Japan and effects of the tsunami I am reminded of the power of Mother Earth.  I don’t know how many of you saw the movie 2012 but after seeing the aftermath of the devastation in Japan certain scenes in that movie are not that far-fetched from happening.

When I heard the waves would hit Hawaii I thought of the gentleman from Hawaii who recently purchased the Learning the Lenormand Cards handbook. I hoped he was not in any imminent danger.  I thought of my son who lives on the west coast of Canada worried that a wall of water might hit an area close to where he lives.

I sit here asking myself how I can help.  Those of us who cannot offer assistance by being there physically can only offer our Strengthening Energy rooted from our Heart Chakra.  If enough people in this world can send Loving & Healing Energy to those who have survived and to those who have come to aid,  we are helping.

Our fellow human beings who are in this situation need a tsunami of Healing Energy so they can draw on it’s strength.

Take a few minutes to visualize a shield of protective light for this area in our world.

One thought on “wall of healing energy for Japan

  1. Dear Madame Seaqueen,

    Thank you from Hawaii for your concern. I was not in any imminent danger as I live quite far inland from the coastline. My family, friends, and co-workers were also not affected. Hope your son in western Canada is fine. I also send my love and healing energies to the areas and people in need.


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