8 thoughts on “my grandson will be 17 weeks + 4 days old on March 28

    • Thank you Bryan. I believe in the Power of Prayer & Healing Energy. I lost my mom and dad in 2010 within 4 months of each other. Connor’s spirit guides are my parents. Our family has yet another challenging journey with my precious little grandson facing surgery. Madame Seaqueen.

  1. Hi –
    Just found your blog (which is wonderful, by the way) and I will certainly be keeping your grandson is my thoughts and prayers. I’ll also send up some good wishes for the rest of your family, to bring you all peace and strength!


  2. Dearest Madame Seaqueen,

    I have been offline for the past year, and am only now checking in on old friends. I was so saddened to hear of the loss of your parents last year. 2010 was a very tough year.
    My prayers goes out to Connor and his parents, and to you………..I hope that he is recovering now from his ordeal. He is a beautiful baby.

    Love and sincerest wishes,

    • Nice to hear from you again Spiritsong. Hope all is good with you. Thank you for your kind words. Connor has survived the surgery and now it’s time for Recovery. He is a fighter like my dad was. I miss my mom and dad so much that this morning I just broke out in tears thinking about them. Pls send Healing Prayers. Thanks.
      BTW I have 1 Learning the Lenormand Cards Handbook left. I only printed 12 limited edition. If you are interested let me know. Madame Seaqueen

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