#13 Black Shustah card as Outcome

I asked the Pages of Shustah cards a very important question using the 3 card layout featured in the accompanying handbook written by Ann Manser / Cecil North.


The Outcome card is #13 Black – The Card of Destiny

The question I asked on behalf of someone else did  require a yes or no answer. When interpreting the Card of Destiny in the last spot depicting the result you don’t get a clear yes or no answer.

One of the greatest challenges in Reading cards is using your skills to interpret cards which sometimes do not blend right away. This process requires careful study of the actual card and the neighbouring cards. When asking vital questions of any deck of oracle cards it is always a good idea to pull another deck and ask the same question.  No matter how many years of experience you have in Reading cards there is always another level of interpretation.

My first impression of this card was that a specific answer was not to be known regarding the important question.  I took it to mean whatever will be…will be.

I suppose an aspect of Karma was at work for the person on a soul level which we could do nothing about. It had to unfold according to Divine Plan.

When I studied the #9 Green the Mammoth in position 1 of this 3 card layout I knew the answer to the question was a past life issue.

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