a Lenormand interpretation from another view

An interpretation from the comments section by Tania:  Bravo!

Informative Reading analysis by Tania

We all have our own style of Reading cards.  I want to share the interpretation below from one of the Readers of the blog.

I want to tell you my opinion, I hope you don`t mind for my intervention.
My intuition is tell me that the woman did`t know about the other woman, the snake. The diagonal between snake and the woman meet in book card = this is secret, unknown things, the book card is under the woman, so my conclusion is that the woman does not know abot the relationship beetween man and snake (ring under the snake). This relationship was in the past, in present is over (snake + mountain under the man card). The man in present is suffering after this relantionship (cross in his head, cross + mountain – snake)
His suffering is at mentally level, his soul is sickness (cross + tree, tree is spirituality life, soul)
The woman loves deeply this man (she look to the man and heart), but I think his feelings for her are not so strong. He loves deeply snake woman (snake + heart in the past), for our consultant lady has deep feelings, sincere, but not passionate love (moon card, i this that is a cold aproch between they)
The woman suspect that he have someone girl in his life, she see that hi is suffering inside and he is cold to her.
I think that in the near future (2 weeks – because moon card means 4 weeks and the clover card means half time)she will find out about this relationship (key + book). the secret will be revealed by the man approched her, maybe brother or father or close friend, but i think is a family member (house card + key above). Finding that it will tear shes soul (scythe + moon). Will find that the relantionship between man and snake was a public one (garden + ring), was a really romantic one (ring + heart). More people knew about this relationship less than woman. You know that the last time was the one who should know first, right?
After she hear the big news/secrets, she will decide to end this relationship (ring + scythe)
This is my opinion about this cards, I don`t pretend that could be true or it will happend.

I really hope I’m somewhat understood
Love, T


2 thoughts on “a Lenormand interpretation from another view

  1. Wow, that last interpretation was amazing. I have had my cards for several years but only recently pulled them out to do a reading for a cousin. Luckily, the combinations were addressed specifically in the book and easier for me to interpret. The cards said he would be getting a job overseas and now he’s in Switzerland. This reading was done over thanksgiving this year (3+ months ago).

    Now, my other family members want me to do readings for them and I am practicing. I just did a reading for myself and am very unsure about the last three cards of the 9-card reading, coffin/woman/key. After reading the last posting, it’s obvious that I am missing some of the deeper connections you all see in the placement of the cards.


    You might find this rather ironic, but I am in business school and graduate in May. I thought the first row indicated a job, the second a streak of good luck in business and finances, the third row puzzles me. The first column the end of a health issue or a wait period, 2nd column good health, 3rd column the job or money solution will come soon and is a critical/ inevitable part of my destiny.

    I would really appreciate any insight you all could give me. My interpretation is rather amateur in comparison to those I’ve seen posted.


  2. i can’t find a place with the cross to post this. The cross card confused me a bit. i understand it is not a positive card but yet when i read more in depth as to the meaning..it shows good news in business..and good things..Is it negative card or……

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