Magische Lenormand in block of 16 layout

Block of 16 layout

Magisches Lenormand

The Magisches Lenormand is truly Magical. If you click on the image you will liked to the website.

INTERPRETATION:  Example Reading for the above Image.

Female consultant Lady Row 2 Column 3. Her significant other Gentleman Row 2 Column 2.

Notice how the Gentleman and Lady card face each other. When you see a duo like this you can be sure the people represented by these cards will see each other within a day or two. Of course, if they live together that is unavoidable. They are both thinking about each other or some close situation which can be determined by the surrounding cards.

Let’s zoom in on the Lady card. Above her sits the Key card. From this influence we know she is thinking of a problem or wondering on how to fix it. Beneath her card lies the Book which confirms some information is not revealed to her yet. Since the Book card is below and the open part of the book faces to the right (future) we know that she will find out about a situation involving a family matter (House card).

The card above the Gentleman is the Cross card. It seems he is going through some challenge and weighed down by these circumstances.  Below him lies the Mountain card indicating obstacles to his health (Tree).

When we analyze the Gentleman card in a diagonal row starting with the Snake card and ending with the Key card the Key’s influence is shared by the Lady as well.  An unresolved problem. The Snake card can represent another woman who the Gentleman is tied to (Ring) by past commitment. The Heart card (row 2, column 1) is right beside the Gentleman.  Obviously he is troubled about an emotional matter which could involve the Queen of Clubs from the past. This situation is of a public nature (Park, row 1, column 1) suggesting it is a known fact.

Looking at the diagonal row involving the Lady card we have the Cross (shared with the Gentleman) ending with the Clover card (the problem could be solved quickly).

The Scythe card follows the Key card indicating an abrupt solution as well. The Moon card (row 2, last column) is beside the Lady card. The way I want to read this is that the Lady will cut off (Scythe) her emotions (Moon) until she gets further news (Letter) about a matter involving the family (House).

The cards in this layout point to different situations around the Gentleman and Lady. One situation binds them (Cross, Key) and I think the Lady is well aware of the Snake card’s influence. She is thinking about it but has severed (Scythe).  She won’t have to do anything about it. The other observation is the Tree + House cards. This can suggest an attachment to a past commitment (Ring) which involves the Gentleman.

8 thoughts on “Magische Lenormand in block of 16 layout

  1. I don`t speak english, I now using google translate. I hope to make my self understood.
    You did a wonderful interpretation of this spread. I want to tell you my opinion, I hope you don`t mind for my intervention.
    My intuition is tell me that the woman did`t know about the other woman, the snake. The diagonal between snake and the woman meet in book card = this is secret, unknown things, the book card is under the woman, so my conclusion is that the woman does not know abot the relationship beetween man and snake (ring under the snake). This relationship was in the past, in present is over (snake + mountain under the man card). The man in present is suffering after this relantionship (cross in his head, cross + mountain – snake)
    His suffering is at mentally level, his soul is sickness (cross + tree, tree is spirituality life, soul)
    The woman loves deeply this man (she look to the man and heart), but I think his feelings for her are not so strong. He loves deeply snake woman (snake + heart in the past), for our consultant lady has deep feelings, sincere, but not passionate love (moon card, i this that is a cold aproch between they)
    The woman suspect that he have someone girl in his life, she see that hi is suffering inside and he is cold to her.
    I think that in the near future (2 weeks – because moon card means 4 weeks and the clover card means half time)she will find out about this relationship (key + book). the secret will be revealed by the man approched her, maybe brother or father or close friend, but i think is a family member (house card + key above). Finding that it will tear shes soul (scythe + moon). Will find that the relantionship between man and snake was a public one (garden + ring), was a really romantic one (ring + heart). More people knew about this relationship less than woman. You know that the last time was the one who should know first, right?
    After she hear the big news/secrets, she will decide to end this relationship (ring + scythe)
    This is my opinion about this cards, I don`t pretend that could be true or it will happend.

    I really hope I’m somewhat understood
    Love, T

    • Bravo!!!
      Tania for your excellent intuitive analysis. It made perfect sense even though it was google translated. The Lenormand cards have so many different level of interpretation and no matter which way they are read something about them comes true. I love it when the Readers of the blog make comments such as yours.
      Thank You very much. Which nationality are you?
      Madame Seaqueen

  2. Lenormand cards and other oracle cards (artdeco, sibbile) for me are just a hobby, not at the professional level. I`m glad you liked my interpretation.
    I am Romanian.
    I love your blog, is very educational.


  3. Hi Madame SeaQueen,
    I have been enjoying your website! I was wondering if you have the Magisches Lenormand? They are beautiful cards, I’d like to get them but since the site is in German I hesistate!

    • Thank you for your comment. The Magisches Lenormand is a wonderful must have deck for Lenormand card lovers. I think you can google translate the German website and place an order. Sometimes Lenormand decks are found on European Ebay. Happy Cartomancy. Madame Seaqueen.

  4. I would love to buy the Magisches Lenormand deck but cannot find it anywhere. could you please let me have the ISBN for it as this might help me to track some down.
    many thanks

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